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Creating and Sending Home Movies
Posted : Tuesday, November 21, 2006 6:17:14 AM(UTC)
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being a complete newby to this sort of thing, I've discovered I need a little help. What the problem is, that I have created a movie on my digital video camera, I have been able to put the mpeg onto a disc which I can watch on my dvd player, but I am unable to send any of it via email.

It seems that the file size is just too big, it is mpeg format and I have tried reducing the frame rate and the resolution while downloading clips from my camcorder, which has reduced the size slightly, but I am still unable to send more than 20seconds in an email, my 20second clip is 6.55mb where as another mpeg I have recieved in email is 47seconds long and only 5.7mb, and it is better quality!!? while I have a 2min clip in wmv format which is only 3.5mb but the quality is poor. I want a decent quality movie clip about 1-2mins and be able to email.

Any advice on this issue would be gratefully appreciated.

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Posted : Saturday, November 25, 2006 12:35:43 AM(UTC)
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To send your videos via e-mail, you need to convert them to Windows Media Format for streaming. This can be done by using Video Caster. To download Video Caster click on the link:

You can convert files in most of the popular media formats to streaming format. After conversion, Video Caster can be used to publish these files to a streaming server like http://videodesk.net/ and you can e-mail links to all your friends so that they can watch your videos.
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