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Auto Movie Creator 3.26

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Auto Movie Creator?

Auto Movie Creator is a feature packed video editing package.  It has everything you need to make a professional looking movie, while still being totally uncomplicated to use.  You can add effects, titles and credits, visual effects and transitions, and background music and narration to your raw footage in a few minutes.

No previous knowledge of editing is required.  You don't need to waste time mastering complicated procedures to create your first movie with Auto Movie Creator.


Is Auto Movie Creator simple enough for a novice user?

Auto Movie Creator is designed to give novice users the perfect blend of powerful editing features and simplicity.  With Storyboard editing, you simply add the elements of your movie to a pictorial display.  You can see all your work at a glance.

The application automatically divides your videos into clips based on scene changes.  Since each clip contains a different scene, editing is simple: you just place the clips on the Storyboard, and arrange them in any order you like..  Effects, transitions, titles and credits, videos, photos and music are always one click away.  Just click on a toolbar button, then drag and drop whatever you want to the Storyboard.

The Auto Movie toolbar has buttons for each step of the movie-making process, in logical order.  Clicking each button in order automatically leads to a finished movie-thus "Auto Movie Creator".


What sound editing features does Auto Movie Creator offer?

You can add background music and voice narration to each clip separately, or use the same music and/or narration for the entire movie.  Auto Movie Creator lets you adjust the volume of the music, narration, and the audio portion of the clip individually to create the perfect sound track.

What is the difference between Auto Movie Creator and your other video editing software, Video Edit Magic and Video Edit Magic Express?

Movie Creator uses a Storyboard layout.  Video Edit Magic and Video Edit Magic Express use a Timeline.  See the Comparison Chart for a side-by-side analysis of all three.


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