Cowon Device Profiles

Convert your videos to Cowon portable media players: Cowon D2, D2+, A3, iAudio series, O2PMP, S9 and Q5W.

Configure Cowon Device Properties

Predefined profile settings have been created for each Cowon device.

To select media conversion properties for your Cowon device, click Formats >> Select Device Profiles >> Cowon >> ( Select desired device profile ).

Video Profile

Cowon devices allow you to play videos in MPEG 4, AVI, and WMV format.  This is an example of a Cowon WMV Video device profile.

Cowon MPEG 4 Video

By default, the video file format is Windows Media 9.  The frame rate and bitrate are set at 29.97 Fps and 700Kbps respectively.  The video dimensions can be retained or changed according to the device specifications.

By default, the audio compressor is Windows Media Audio 9.2.  The frequency is set at 48000 Hz, bitrate at 128 Kbps and audio channel on Stereo.

All the settings can be changed except for the video file format.

Audio Profile

This is an example of a Cowon MP3 (iAUDIO, D2 etc.) audio profile.

Cowon Audio

The audio file format and compressor is MP3 (MPEG 1 Layer 3).  The frequency is set at 44100 Hz, bitrate at 128 Kbps and audio channel on Stereo.  The frequency, bitrate and audio channel can be changed for this device profile.