Sansa Device Profiles

You can play your media files on many popular Sansa portable players: Fuze, View and E200 Series.

Configure Sansa Device Properties

Predefined profile settings have been created for each Sansa device.

Click Formats >> Select Device Profiles >> Sansa >> ( Select desired device profile ).

Video Profile

This is an example of Sansa Fuze video device profile.

The files encoded with XviD Encoder are compatible with almost all the players.  The frame rate is set to 30 Fps and bitrate is 900 Kbps.  You can choose to preserve or change the video dimensions.

The audio compressor Advanced Audio Codec ( *.AAC ) produces high quality and small sized files.  The frequency is set to 22050 Hz and bitrate is 96 Kbps.  The Stereo audio channel creates an impression of sound heard from various directions.