Camera Controls

Security Monitor Pro allows you to control your camera settings using the Camera Preview context menu.  The preview window will also allow you to control cameras that support Pan/Tilt/Zoom.

Camera Display Name

This is the name of your IP camera or Webcam.  This is configured in the Add Camera dialog.  You don't have to always display the camera name.  Single click on a Preview window to view or hide the Camera display name control.

Navigation buttons

Navigation buttons will be displayed when you hover mouse pointer over the preview window and cameras added in application are more than the selected Camera Layout.  Click the Navigation buttons to cycle cameras in the preview window.

Camera Preview context menu

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) control

This option allows you to control movements of your IP Camera or Webcam, if it supports PTZ.  Depending upon the camera model and its capabilities you can Pan (using left and right arrows), Tilt (using up and down arrows), Zoom (using plus '+' and minus '-' buttons) to the desired position.  If you want to reset your camera to the original position, click on the centered Reset button. 

Security Monitor Pro provides a digital zoom, even if it is not supported by your camera.  In optical zoom the lens is extended to magnify your subject.  Digital zoom crops your image and magnifies the result of the cropping.  The image looks closer because it has been expanded.  Image quality is reduced in digital zoom.

Status Icons

Status icons allows to check which actions are running for the selected camera and quickly start and stop the actions.

When an action is not running then the respective status icon is shown in disabled state.