<LINK rel=stylesheet type=text/css href="Style.css"> <STYLE type=text/css> .style1 { text-decoration: underline; } </STYLE><h1>Main User Interface</h1> <p class=level_1_indented>The application interface provides quick access to all the important functions of Text Speaker.</p> <p class=level_1_indented><IMG alt="The Text Speaker Window" src="TextSpeakerWindow2.png"></p> <p class=level_1_indented><a name=MainUIsegments></a> The main application window is divided into the following segments:</p> <ul> <li> <p class=level_1_indented>The <b><a href="Menus.aspx">Menu Bar</a></b> gives you access to every feature of the program.</p> <li> <p class=level_1_indented>Quickly access the most important and commonly used features from the <b><a href="Toolbar.aspx">Tool Bar</a></b>.&nbsp; You can open, save, and close a document.&nbsp; In addition, you can make your computer speak the current document, convert text to audio files, adjust the voice properties, and set reminders.</p> <li> <p class=level_1_indented>With the <b>Formatting Tool Bar</b> adjust text properties such as font, style, spacing, and more.</p> <li> <p class=level_1_indented>The <b>Text Display Area</b> shows the current document.</p> <li> <p class=level_1_indented>All the documents open in Text Speaker are listed in the <b>File List</b> along with their file types, size, and audio filenames (if converted to audio).</p> <li> <p class=level_1_indented>The <b> Voice Bar</b> allows you to adjust volume, speed, and pitch of the voice with the help of the sliders.</p> <li> <p class=level_1_indented>At the bottom of the application is the <b> Status Bar</b> which shows the current operation being performed.&nbsp; A progress indicator appears during speech or audio conversion.</p></li></ul><BR>