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December, 2006 Issue 
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Featured in this Issue
  • New Version Updates
  • Q&A: Tips from our Support Forum
  • Featured Article: Automate Screen Recordings
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    New Version Updates - What's new since the last version
    We regularly release new updates to our existing programs. The updates include the most requested feature enhancements for our customers.

    In this issue we are featuring 2 new versions for you to download and try.
    1. Auto FTP Manager
      Advanced FTP Client Helps You Schedule File Transfers and Synchronize Directories.
      What's new in version 3.59
  • Advanced Filters: You can now specify whether to transfer based on the file's last modification time, in addition to file type. Transfer only files modified in the past three days or transfer only files older  than a certain age.
  • Recording Profiles: Create an Automated Transfer Profile by recording your actions.  Record a session in the FTP File Manager, and it becomes a Profile that can be saved.   You can schedule the new profile, edit it, add, remove, and modify the recorded actions.  Complex profile creation is now easier than ever.
  • Enhanced Profile Wizard: Now you can create transfer profiles with an easy-to-use wizard interface.  You can easily create filters to transfer only certain file types (like WMV files), or to not transfer certain types.  Scheduling options are improved just tell the profile whether to run every month, every week, every day, or even every five minutes.
  • Local Transfers:  Along with the transfers between Local and FTP folders, you can now also transfer between 2 local or shared folders.
  • File Transfer Log: There is full logging of all Automated Transfers.  This provides a permanent record of what files were uploaded, downloaded, and deleted.
      Download FREE trial version of Auto FTP Manager 3.59
    2. Smart Email Verifier
      Email verification software to help you clean and validate your e-mail address lists.
      What's new in version 3.45
  • Improved Importing: Smart Email Verifier can now import and verify one million e-mail addresses at a time. Import e-mails from Text, CSV and ODBC supported databases easily.
  • Remove Duplicates: Smart Email Verifier can automatically remove duplicated email addresses, saving time and bandwidth, and reducing customer complaints about multiple copies.
  • Geo Location:  Smart Email Verifier automatically lists the country associated with each email address.
  • Expanded Export:  Smart Email Verifier can export the verified list of addresses to any ODBC database format (including Microsoft Excel and Access), Text, or CSV.
  • Import Additional Columns: Along with e-mail addresses, you can also choose to import an additional column, like the primary key of a database table. With this feature, you can easily export and merge e-mail verification results back into the source database.
  • Automatically Saved Sessions: Smart Email Verifier automatically opens the last session, eliminating the time wasted re-opening a saved session.
      Download FREE trial version of Smart Email Verifier 3.45
    Upgrade Policy for Registered Users: All program updates are free within the same version number. Simply download the trial version, install, and enter your original registration code to activate to the full version.
    Special Offer: 20% off Antechinus JavaScript Editor
    Antechnicus Javascript : Add Life and Interactivity to your website

    Buy now and get a 20% discount . Just enter the coupon code POWERTOOL (you may want to copy it to your clipboard) in the appropriate field.
    Click image for larger version
    Turbocharge your web pages with JavaScript - effortlessly add multilevel menus, effects, Multimedia capabilities and e-Commerce.  Featuring a Step-By-Step guide that helps you become a JavaScript expert in minutes.  You can easily add rollover scripts, validate emails, forms, and more.  Built in sliders, calendars, color selectors, countdowns, text effects and tooltips.

    Feature Highlights for Javascript Editor:
  • Step-by-step guide: become a JavaScript expert in no time
  • Add rollover menu to your pages visually
  • Validate emails, forms, user input...
  • Hide your email from spammers, but show it to visitors
  • Add slider, calendar, color selector, countdowns, and more
  • Update just one portion of your web page - with AJAX
  • Eradicate errors in seconds
  • Want to learn more? Click here
    Q&A: Tips from our Support Forum
    1. Digital Media Converter:  Widescreen WMV Files
      Q. I have a few 16X9 (widescreen) videos in avi xvid format which I'm trying to convert to wmv for my portable device. The problem is that the wmv's are stretched to fit the 4:3 format and I see no way to change the aspect ratio. Is there a workaround for this? I am a registered user of this product. Thanks.
      A. To keep the widescreen aspect ratio, you can choose one of the Windows Media Format profiles that don't change the video dimensions. For instance, if you select "WMV - For Desktop Viewing" as your Convert To Format, and use Very High Quality video, the converted video will have the same aspect ratio as the original file.
    Want to learn more? View our Support Forums
    Featured Article: Automate Screen Recordings
    My Screen Recorder Pro is an application designed to aid users while making presentation material or creating an audio-visual backup of activities performed on the PC for future reference as well as distribution. Its user interface lets you create screen recordings, convert files and record audio in an unobtrusive, quick and easy manner. But the jewel in its crown is automation of recording, conversion and publishing tasks. It performs the tasks you have specified, on its own, without you having to launch the application and manually beginning the process. In this article, we shall briefly discuss the various automation features of My Screen Recorder Pro.
    To automate the process of screen recordings, the two different options that can be used are: Schedule Recording and Command Line Parameters.
    Want to read more? Click here.
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