September, 2007

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What do you do when you have a good thing?  If you're DeskShare, you make it even better!

Security Monitor Pro had an unbeatable combination of advanced features and simplicity.  So what did we do? We created version 2, even better and even easier to use.  We also upgraded WebCam Monitor to version 4.2.  Both now support over 100 different IP cameras!

We've also improved Project Desk. It already gives you great online project and workforce management tools.  We've streamlined the interface to make it even quicker and more straightforward to use. 

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DeskShare News

       Security Manager Pro 2.1 and WebCam Monitor 4.2:  The leading surveillance software
        gets even better!

       Project Desk
: Manage projects in a browser?now even easier to use.

       Come meet the DeskShare team!

DeskShare Product of the Month: Digital Media Converter

Featured Article:  Using Scene Detection

Special Offer:  Presenter's Bundle

The Best of DeskShare Support

DeskShare News

The Next Generation of Security: Security Monitor Pro 2.1 and WebCam Monitor 4.2

It's time to move beyond conventional surveillance technology with DeskShare. 

Security Monitor Pro monitors and records multiple cameras.  Every camera operates indpendently, with its own individual settings.  It's like having multiple surveillance systems in one package!

With advanced motion detection, audible alarms, e-mail and mobile phone alerts, video and audio recording, and much more, Security Monitor Pro is the ultimate weapon in your security arsenal.

Security Monitor Pro version 2.1 includes major new features and improvements, including:

  • Video Buffering: The program continuously maintains a one minute recording from each camera.  When an Alert is triggered, the video recording can actually start before the triggering event, guaranteeing you a complete record of the incident.
  • Multi-Camera Preview:  You can now view video feeds from up to four cameras simultaneously in one window
  • Preview Auto-Scroll: The camera Previews can be automatically rotated through the Security Monitor Pro window.  This lets the operator keep an eye on all locations without needing to manually scroll the Preview window.
  • Better Keyboard Navigation: New keyboard shortcuts make the program even easier and more pleasant to use.
  • Network Camera Reconnection: If the program loses its network connection to an IP camera, it will reconnect when the connection is available again.

WebCam Monitor 4.2 also includes multiple improvements:

  • Manual Recording: The operator can now manually start and stop video recording in WebCam Monitor with a single mouse click.
  • Advanced Scheduling: The new scheduling system makes it easy to automatically start and stop recording, on a daily or weekly basis, for a one-time event, or on application startup
  • Better logging: Messages saved in the program's log have been rewritten to be both more precise and descriptive.

In addition, both programs have these new capabilities:

  • Masking: You can configure motion detection to ignore a certain area of the screen to avoid false alarms.  For instance, if a window looks out on a busy street, you can "Mask" it so that cars driving past will be ignored by motion detection.
  • Improved User Interface: The redesigned user interface includes more attractive and easier-to-understand graphics.
  • Support for More Cameras: We now support over 100 IP cameras, including every major and many other brands.  If your camera is not supported, just contact us and we will work to add it!

It's time to take your security to the Twenty-First Century.  Download a risk-free trial copy of Security Monitor Pro or WebCam Monitor today!

Learn more and download a Security Monitor Pro evaluation version here.

WebCam Monitor's home page is here.

Project Desk: Web-Based Project Management, Now Easier Than Ever To Use

Project Desk has always been the best solution for anyone wanting to manage projects, tasks, and people over the Web.  Now we've streamlined the interface to make it even easier to use.

A web-based project management package is the ideal solution for many organizations, especially if you need to coordinate people across department or company boundaries.  There's no software to install!!  Anyone with a web browser can participate.  Inviting someone to join is as simple as typing an e-mail address.  Project Desk is so easy to use, it's just as suitable for a small office as it is for major corporations.

Sign up for a free Project Desk account today at

Product of the Month

Digital Media Converter

Never have your media files "in the wrong format" again.  Digital Media Converter transforms video and audio files between all major formats.  Carry your DVD movies on your Apple iPod,  or add your digital camera footage to your website as streaming video.  Don't let file types be a barrier again!

Digital Media Converter is the ultimate media conversion tool, with the widest range of formats supported by a single package.

Evaluate Digital Media Converter

Featured Article: Using Scene Detection

When you want to turn home video into a polished movie, one time-consuming step is dividing it into scenes.  With most software, you have to carefully position a slider or count off a number of frames, manually cut, then advance slowly through the video looking for the next spot to make a cut and carefully pick a new position.          

Auto Movie Creator makes all that obsolete.  With the built-in scene detection, you just tell the program to do it for you.  Leave the routine work to the program, while you concentrate on the creative part of the job.  Click on detect scenes, and within seconds you're ready to edit your movie.

Want to read more?  Click here.

Special Offer

The Presenter's Bundle

Buy My Screen Recorder Pro and Video Edit Magic Together And Receive a $20 Discount

Create professional, polished presentations that incorporate screen recordings and high-quality special effects and video transitions using the DeskShare Presenter's Bundle.  By combining two powerful tools we've created a complete solution for presenters.

Feature Highlights for the Presenter's Bundle:
  • Record the Windows desktop, or a region.
  • Capture video from cameras using USB or
  • Add narration or music and adjust audio levels
  • Edit and combine video footage using the Timeline
  • Use over 150 special effects and transitions
  • Create movies in output formats including
         AVI, WMV, QuickTime, and MPEG
  • Adjust color and contrast
  • Buy now and get a a $20 discount.  Just click the button to the right to see all DeskShare's special bundle deals on our most popular products.



    The Best of DeskShare Support

    WebCam Monitor: Streaming Video Over the Internet

    tassadar898's Question: I I am behind a router and viewing remotely does not work. I have allowed port forwarding on 4112, and have set Webcam Monitor 4.1 to stream using the same port. If I use it works. But the public ip mms://71.**.**.***:4112 does not work. I have a static IP address. I have disabled all firewalls.

    Answer: If you can view the stream from the local network (the 192.168 address), then the video is being sent. Please read our article, Configuring Your Camera and PC for Internet Streaming, which explains how to configure your router to stream WebCam Monitor video outside your LAN.


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