December 2008

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What to get for that hard-to-shop for person?  How about DeskShare software?   Software makes a perfect gift: unique, memorable, and useful.

At DeskShare, we respond to many e-mails every day.  We have developed a program called Email Responder that helps us manage and reply to your e-mails faster.  If your company also receives a lot of e-mail, then I'm sure Email Responder can help your team.

We have released Version 5 of WebCam Monitor.  It was already the best value in video surveillance software.  Now it's even better.

Everyone at DeskShare wishes you a joyous holiday season and a very happy new year.

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      DeskShare News:

Special Holiday Offer:
Wrapped gifts delivered direct to your loved ones!

Email Responder:
Automated E-mail Response Management saves you money.

WebCam Monitor
The best value in video security and surveillance software just keeps improving.

Featured Article:
Text Speaker: Talking Computers and Why We Love Them

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DeskShare News

Give the Gift of DeskShare Software!

Now you can give a gift that keeps on giving forever.  Our programs are useful, unique, and always appreciated.  We'll wrap and deliver it with a personalized message from you.

To send any of our products as a gift, just purchase from our online store, add "This Order Shipped on CD" and choose the gift wrap option in your shopping cart.

Email Responder Upgraded to Version 2.4

We have continued to improve our premiere e-mail response management package.  Email Responder dramatically reduces the time needed to answer customer service e-mails.  It is designed for support teams to work efficiently together.  Each message is analyzed as it arrives, and automatically assigned to a representative or group.  Replies use prewritten templates, avoiding repetitive typing.  Mail that used to take hours to answer is handled in minutes! Sophisticated reports help you analyze your customer service process and your business as a whole.

Version 2.4 includes all these improvements:
  • Intelligent Automated Replies:  The software can now recommend a template to use based on the contents of the message.
  • Multi-Language Spell Checking:  E-mails can be spell checked in six different languages: English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Message Followup Reminders:   A new built-in feature reminds Email Responder users to follow up on specific messages.
  • Database Backup and Restore:  The Email Responder database can now be easily backed up and restored by the Administrator.
  • Simplified Setup:  New wizard-based setup makes installing and configuring Email Responder a breeze!
Email Responder saves you time and money while making your staff and customers happier.  Download a free trial now!

WebCam Monitor

WebCam Monitor is the leading surveillance software for webcam monitoring, with an unbeatable combination of features:
  • Trigger alerts using motion and noise detection
  • Customizable alerts include sounding an audio alarm, recording audio and video, sending e-mail and mobile phone messages, and taking snapshots.
  • A sophisticated scheduler makes it easy to start and stop monitoring or recording at times and on days that you select.
  • Broadcast live audio/video streams that can be seen from anywhere on the internet.
WebCam Monitor 5.1 includes these new features:
  • More IP Cameras Supported:  Over 130 IP camera models can now be used with WebCam Monitor.  For a list of supported IP cameras, click here. If your camera is not listed, please contact us.
  • Uploads Enhanced:  FTP uploading of recordings and photos is optimized for greater speed and security.
  • Continuous Recording:  Using the Auto Configuration Wizard, you can set up continuous video recording in seconds.
  • Rotate Video:  When a camera is mounted upside down on a ceiling, WebCam Monitor can automatically rotate the image to appear upright.
  • Video Buffering:  The program keeps a continuous video buffer while monitoring.  When motion is detected, the video recording begins before the triggering movement, showing the entire incident.
Get the most out of your surveillance system with WebCam Monitor.  Download a free evaluation copy, or learn more.

Product of the Month

Digital Media Converter Pro

Video and audio formats have just stopped being a barrier!  Whether you would like to watch DVD video on your iPod or convert your band's music into MP3 for download, Digital Media Converter Pro can do it.  It supports the most file formats of any converter.  A built-in ripper can extract audio from CDs and video from DVDs, and save it in any supported format.   There's even an easy-to-use playlist editor!  Download the Digital Media Converter Pro free trial version today.

Featured Article—Talking Computers and Why We Love Them

When a computer "reads" a document and turns it into spoken words, we call it "text to speech". The artificial production of human speech has been possible for many years.  Only recently has voice quality improved to the point where it is difficult to tell between a talking computer and human speech. This has led to many new applications for text to speech software.

How does text to speech work?

There are two components to every text to speech tool. First, a "speech engine" program analyzes the text (including the punctuation), and synthesizes the sounds of the words, pauses, and intonation.

Want to read more?  Click here.

Best of DeskShare Support

Video Desk:  How to Estimate Video Storage Requirements?

JFrinak's Question:
Do you have any guidelines or rules of thumb to help estimate how much storage a particular video project might require?

For example, if converting the video to Flash for playback, how much storage might a 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, or 1 hour video presentation need?

Thanks for any insight.

A general rule of thumb is that one minute of video will take up 4 megabytes of your storage space. Thus, a 5 minute movie will be about 20 mb, and a one hour movie about 240. Our least expensive plan ($19.95/month) would allow you to store about 25 minutes of Flash video. The 25 minutes can be a single file or spread over multiple Flash files.

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