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January, 2005 Issue 
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Featured in this Issue
  • New Version Updates
  • Q&A: Tips from our Support Forum
  • Featured Article: Trouble Shooting Compatibility Problems
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    New Version Updates - What's new since the last version
    We regularly release new updates to our existing programs. The updates include the most requested feature enhancements for our customers.

    In this issue we are featuring 2 new versions for you to download and try.
    1. Video Edit Magic
      Video Editing Software that Gives you High End Features with Simple Elegance.
      What's new in version 4.02
  • 2-D Rotation Effect: This new video effect enables you to rotate your videos at any angle. This effect also supports horizontal and vertical shifting and scaling.
  • Redesigned Capture Tool: Video Edit Magic's entirely redesigned capture tool makes it very simple to capture footages from your Web and DV Cameras. You can also control your DV Cameras with the new capture tool.
  • Thumbnail View: The Media list tab under the Collection window now also provides a Thumbnail view along with other standard views.
  • Better Timeline Selection: Track selections are more visible. You can now select a track by clicking on the track's name.
  • Extended Automatic Timeline Scrolling: The timeline automatically scrolls when you shuffle sources in between tracks in the timeline.
  • Split Track: The Split Track option provides a quick method to split sources in tracks. Simply move your mouse over sources and click once to split the source.
  • Insert Into Timeline: This new option lets you add your videos to the timeline at the slider's position. If the slider is positioned over a source then this option splits that source before adding the video.
  • Better Drag and Drop: You can now drag videos, effects and transitions and drop them into their respective tracks directly instead of selecting the track first.
      Download FREE trial version of Video Edit Magic 4.02
    2. My Screen Recorder Pro
      Professional Screen Recording Software that captures your desktop activity and makes Flash presentations.
      What's new in version 2.1
  • Conversion to WMV: My Screen Recorder Pro now allows you to convert your AVI screen recordings to WMV format. Conversion to WMV means that you now get good quality screen recordings with significantly reduced file size as compared to an AVI screen recording.
  • Recent Folder Shortcuts: You can now open a screen recording directly without having to add a folder shortcut. My Screen Recorder Pro automatically creates a folder shortcut under Recent Shortcuts and loads the file in the preview window. You then have an option to convert this to a folder shortcut.
  • Drag and Drop: My Screen Recorder Pro now allows you to drag and drop files between the different folder shortcuts. It also provides you with options to Cut, Copy and Paste files between different folder shortcuts and Windows Explorer.
  • AVI Screen Recordings Distribution: You can now distribute AVI screen recordings as an Executable. My Screen Recorder Pro further compresses your AVI screen recordings to generate self-playing redistributable executable files. When your audience receives the executable, they simply have to double click it to view. The built in AVI player will show your screen recordings without any distortion unlike other AVI players.
  • Audio Tuning Wizard: This new feature lets you fine-tune your audio playback and recording level in 2 simple steps. Just run the audio tuning wizard from the settings menu and follow the instructions for each step.
      Download FREE trial version of My Screen Recorder Pro 2.1
    Upgrade Policy for Video Edit Magic: If you are a registered user of Video Edit Magic 3.x then you can upgrade to Video Edit Magic 4 at a reduced upgrade price. Click here to get your discounted upgrade price and new registration key.
    Q&A: Tips from our Support Forum
    1. Digital Media Converter: Re: Digital Media Converter

    The minimum systems requirements include microsoft directX 8.1. How would I know if I have that?

      A. To know the correct DirectX version installed on your computer:
    1. On the Start menu, click 'Run'.
    2. Type in "dxdiag" to bring up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
    3. The DirectX version is listed under the System tab.
        In general, DirectX 8.1 comes pre-installed with Windows XP.
    DirectX 7.0 comes pre-installed with Windows 2000.
        For the latest version of DirectX, please visit:
    Want to learn more? View our Support Forums
    Featured Article : Trouble Shooting Compatibility Problems
    Video Edit Magic uses the Microsoft DirectShow technology, a part of DirectX to edit the videos, display on-the-fly preview, add Video effects and transitions and almost every other feature. DirectShow is an efficient technology that harnesses hardware capabilities of a computer to deliver optimum results.
    This technology is also highly extensible. Various software vendors, using the DirectShow technology, develop filters (or plug-ins) to extend the capabilities of DirectShow for their own products. For instance, Video Edit Magic has its own Color Balance effect filter that manages the Contrast, Brightness and Gamma of a video.
    In the same way, other software vendors may write other filters like, say, an MPEG decoder to read MPEG files. The software vendor’s own product works well with these filters, but they end up overwriting the default filters provided by DirectShow. In this example, DirectShow and hence Video Edit Magic will pick up the software vendor’s MPEG filter rather than the default one when you try to edit MPEG files resulting in a possible incompatibility.
    Well-developed filters work correctly with DirectShow and thus with all products using DirectShow. The single largest reason that causes Video Edit Magic to function unexpectedly is “incompatible filters”, usually installed by other providers.
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