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March, 2005 Issue 
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Featured in this Issue
  • New Version Updates
  • Q&A: Tips from our Support Forum
  • Featured Article: View your camera remotely
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    New Version Updates - What's new since the last version
    We regularly release new updates to our existing programs. The updates include the most requested feature enhancements for our customers.

    In this issue we are featuring 2 new versions for you to download and try.
    1. Digital Media Converter
      Convert Your Video and Audio Files between All Popular Media Formats.
      What's new in version 2.40
  • Support for DV – AVI format: Digital Media Converter now supports conversion of your media files to DV-AVI (NTSC and PAL). You can then export your DV-AVI files to a Digital Camera connected to your PC.
  • Configurable frame rate settings for AVI: To get better image quality post-conversion, you can now specify the frame rate while converting to AVI. The simplified use interface provides an option for retaining the source file frame rate along with the option to configure the frame rate to suit your requirements.
  • Configurable Audio Frequency settings for Custom MPEG-1: Digital Media Converter now provides configurable Audio Frequency settings while converting to Custom MPEG-1 format.
      Download FREE trial version of Digital Media Converter 2.40
    2. WebCam Monitor
      Intelligent Motion Detection Software turns your PC and Camera into a Video Security and Surveillance System.
      What's new in version 3.47
  • Enhanced User Interface and accessibility: You can now configure alerts quickly and more effectively. All the features are better organized and configurations options for Remote monitoring, Alerts and Monitor settings are easily accessible.
  • Automatic Live Streaming at startup: You can configure WebCam Monitor to start streaming whenever WebCam monitor is started. Settings configured for Live Streaming are retained for future sessions.
  • Enhanced Files View: The new and revamped Files View allows you to access and analyze recorded media files in a better manner. Specific media files can be accessed in the Files view by browsing by type. Old files of a particular type can be deleted quickly. You can also switch between five standard views.
      Download FREE trial version of WebCam Monitor 3.47
    Upgrade Policy for WebCam Monitor: If you are a registered user of WebCam Monitor 2.x then you can upgrade to WebCam Monitor 3 at a reduced upgrade price. Click here to get your discounted upgrade price and new registration key.
    Q&A: Tips from our Support Forum
    1. WebCam Monitor: Quickly switching camera views
      Q. Hello,
        I am new to WebCam Monitor and downloaded version 3.3 of the software to evaluate. I would like to monitor video from several cameras. Is there a way to manually switch camera views (using one button to quickly navigate)?
        Also, how does one set up to monitor a camera for 30 seconds, then switch to camera #2 and monitor for 30 seconds, then back to 1, etc. etc. When I set up cycling and set 30 seconds for each camera, it always remains on the first camera.


      A. You can switch between cameras by clicking on Switch to Next Device in Device cycle in the Tools Menu. You can also use the shortcut ALT+T+S for convenience.
        The Cycle through Multiple Devices schedule type does exactly what you want. If you add two cameras to the schedule, each running for 30 seconds then WebCam Monitor will switch between them in a cycle.
        Please make sure that you add two different cameras to the cycle.
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    Featured Article : View your camera remotely
    You have a camera, you want to do video surveillance of your property, but you want to do it from your office or a comfortable location. You just need four things, a camera, your PC, Webcam Monitor and an Internet connection. The remote monitoring feature in WebCam Monitor is an ideal solution, as it gives you the ability to keep an eye out on things from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to connect your camera to your PC, start remote monitoring in WebCam Monitor, and stay informed of all activities as and when they happen.
    Using WebCam Monitor, you can remotely view the activity from your camera in three different ways. You can watch a live feed from your webcam, use FTP to view uploaded video recordings and snaps on your website, or receive email with embedded snaps of the activity sent by WebCam monitor.
    Let us look at each of the three different ways to turn your PC and camera into a remote video surveillance system.
    Want to read more? Click here.
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