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May, 2005 Issue 
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Featured in this Issue
  • New Version Updates
  • Q&A: Tips from our Support Forum
  • Featured Article: View your camera remotely
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    New Version Updates - What's new since the last version
    We regularly release new updates to our existing programs. The updates include the most requested feature enhancements for our customers.

    In this issue we are featuring 2 new versions for you to download and try.
    1. WebCam Monitor
      Intelligent Motion Detection Software turns your PC and Camera into a Video Security and Surveillance System.
      What's new in version 3.5
  • Noise sensitivity meter: The new sensitivity meter displays noise relative to the specified noise sensitivity. WebCam Monitor detects noise when the sensitivity meter reaches its peak.
  • Improved preview performance: WebCam Monitor can now preview video and represent audio faster and smoother than before.
  • Test E-mail Log: When you send a test e-mail, WebCam Monitor saves an E-mail log. You can later view this log to diagnose e-mail related problems.
  • Large Log Support: WebCam Monitor can now log huge amounts of messages with ease. You can also view the number of log messages in the status bar.
      Download FREE trial version of WebCam Monitor 3.5
    2. My Screen Recorder Pro
      Professional Screen Recording Software, that captures your desktop activity and makes Flash presentations.
      What's new in version 2.15
  • Conversion to WMV: My Screen Recorder Pro now allows you to convert your AVI screen recordings to WMV format. Conversion to WMV means that you now get good quality screen recordings with significantly reduced file size as compared to an AVI screen recording. You can also select from a range of pre-defined WMV profiles for different distribution needs.
  • Publishing to FTP: You can now distribute your screen recordings to a wide audience by publishing them to a FTP server from within My Screen Recorder Pro.
  • Shell Integration: My Screen Recorder Pro now allows you to drag and drop files between the different folder shortcuts. It also provides you with options to Cut, Copy and Paste files between different folder shortcuts and Windows Explorer.
  • AVI Screen Recordings Distribution: My Screen Recorder Pro further compresses your AVI screen recordings to generate self-playing redistributable executable files. When your audience receives the executable, they simply have to double click to view it. The fully functional built-in AVI player will display your screen recordings without any distortion.
      Download FREE trial version of My Screen Recorder Pro 2.15
    Upgrade Policy for Registered Users: All program updates are free within the same version number. Simply download the trial version, install, and enter your original registration code to activate to the full version.
    Q&A: Tips from our Support Forum
    1. My Screen Recorder: Recording Powerpoint Presentation with embedded audio
      Q. I have a Powerpoint Presentation that I would like to record. However, My Screen Recorder, does not include the audio portion of the Presentation onto the .avi file. Please help.
      A. You can record the audio that is part of the Powerpoint presentation. By default the Audio input is set to 'Microphone'. 'You have to setup the audio input to either the Mono Mix, Stereo Mix or the Line-in option, depending upon the system configuration you have. Try experimenting a bit with these three options to find out which works the best for you.
        Please refer to My Screen Recorder's article that discusses the entire process:
    Want to learn more? View our Support Forums
    Featured Article : View your camera remotely
    You have a camera, you want to do video surveillance of your property, but you want to do it from your office or a comfortable location. You just need four things, a camera, your PC,
    Webcam Monitor
    and an Internet connection. The remote monitoring feature in WebCam Monitor is an ideal solution, as it gives you the ability to keep an eye out on things from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to connect your camera to your PC, start remote monitoring in WebCam Monitor, and stay informed of all activities as and when they happen.
    Using WebCam Monitor, you can remotely view the activity from your camera in three different ways. You can watch a live feed from your webcam, use FTP to view uploaded video recordings and snaps on your website, or receive email with embedded snaps of the activity sent by WebCam monitor.
    Let us look at each of the three different ways to turn your PC and camera into a remote video surveillance system.
    Want to read more? Click here.
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