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August, 2006 Issue 
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Featured in this Issue
  • New Version Updates
  • Q&A: Tips from our Support Forum
  • Featured Article: Applying Picture-In-Picture Transition
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    New Version Updates - What's new since the last version

    We regularly release new updates to our existing programs. The updates include the most requested feature enhancements for our customers.

    In this issue we are featuring 2 new versions for you to download and try.



    Digital Media Converter


    Convert Your Video and Audio Files between All Popular Media Formats.


    What's new in version 2.69



    Enhanced QuickTime conversion: The QuickTime conversion is now faster than ever before. You can convert larger files in half the time than in the previous version.


    Support for iPod MPEG-4 format: Digital Media Converter also serves iPod and PSP users. Convert any supported media format to iPod or PSP compatible video (MPEG-4) for extra portability.


    Support for VOB files having chapters: Digital Media Converter now supports conversion of VOB files that were recorded in a chapter so you can now take your DVDs and convert them with menus included.




    Download FREE trial version of Digital Media Converter 2.69



    My Screen Recorder Pro


    Professional Screen Recording Software that captures your desktop activity and makes AVI, WMV and Flash presentations.


    What's new in version 2.35



    Convert recordings to SWF format: My Screen Recorder Pro now allows you to convert AVI screen recordings to Shock Wave Flash (SWF) format. This format offers wider cross-platform compatibility. A majority of computer users on both PC and Mac are able to view Flash files.


    Use Command Line Parameters: You can start recording using Command Line Parameters. This feature can be used to record the desktop of a PC over the local network, or to start My Screen Recorder Pro from another application


    Resize your screen recordings: You can now resize your AVI screen recordings to match the standard dimensions of DVD and VCD format. These resized AVI files can then be burned onto a CD or DVD using any standard VCD or DVD burning software. Resizing is also available while converting to WMV or SWF format.




    Download FREE trial version of My Screen Recorder Pro 2.35


    Upgrade Policy for Registered Users: All program updates are free within the same version number. Simply download the trial version, install, and enter your original registration code to activate to the full version.
    Special Offer: 25% off The Ultimate Troubleshooter
    The Ultimate Troubleshooter: The Troubleshooting & Fine Tuning PC companion

    Buy now and get a 25% discount. Just enter the coupon code TUTSPECOFFER (you may want to copy it to your clipboard) in the appropriate field.

    Click image for larger version
    The Ultimate Troubleshooter is a Task, Services, and Startups Manager which includes information on just about every Windows service and background task and startup, can be used by any user to streamline, fine tune and configure their PC for speed and, above all, long term stability.

    The Ultimate Troubleshooter features:
    • At last understand the programs running on your PC
    • Instantly causes of slowdowns and freeze-ups
    • Stop unneeded or "pest" programs
    • Learn which programs are needed and fine-tune them
    • Streamline your PC
    • Get a detailed list of all the hardware in your PC
    • Network tools: PING, TRACE ROUTE, WHOIS
    • Take and Keep control of YOUR PC !
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    Q&A: Tips from our Support Forum
    1. My Screen Recorder Pro: Reducing recording file size
      Q. Although, the file size produced by My Screen Recorder is reasonably small, I would like to reduce the file size even further. Is this possible?
      A. The size of the recorded video file produced by My Screen Recorder depends on the video and audio compressor used to record the video. My Screen Recorder uses "Microsoft Video 1" video compressor and "MPEG Layer 3" audio compressor by default. These compressors are more or less always present on every computer.

    You can however use better video and audio compressors to get lower recording file sizes.
    To use a different compressor:
    1. On the Tools menu, click on Settings.
    2. Select the AVI VIDEO Tab, and choose the compressor from the drop down list.

    NOTE: The recorded file may not playback if the video or audio compressor you use while recording the file is not installed on the computer you intend to play the file.
    Want to learn more? View our Support Forums
    Featured Article : Applying Picture-in-Picture Transition
    Transitions like the popular Picture-in-Picture can be great tools for making your videos unique.
    The Picture-in-Picture transition allows you to place a video clip over another video, with both the clips playing together. One of the clips is usually displayed in a smaller window, so the viewer can see which clip forms the main theme.
    Traditionally, the Picture-in-Picture transition was used by big budget studios and sports broadcasters to show action from two different angles simultaneously. However, with the digital video revolution truly redefining things, you can now apply this transition to your videos using Video Edit Magic.
    Want to read more? Click here.
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