June, 2007

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We've got an exciting announcement for you this month with the release of our professional-strength video surveillance program, Security Monitor Pro.  We listened to our WebCam Monitor customers and created a surveillance system that can secure large areas using multiple cameras.  Read the feature article to learn more.

Also, an update on our web-based services: Project Desk for project management and Video Desk for multimedia hosting, and much more.

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DeskShare News
       Security Monitor Pro Now Available!
       Project Management Anywhere, At Any Time, On Any PC
       with Project Desk
       Multimedia Mail with Video Desk
       Learning Circuits Publishes "Lights! Camera! Learning!"

       DeskShare Product of the Month: My Screen Recorder Pro

Featured Article:  Monitor Multiple Locations Simultaneously with
       Security Monitor Pro

       Special Offer:  Beginners Web Video Bundle

       The Best of DeskShare Support

DeskShare News

Security Monitor Pro takes video surveillance to the next level

We're proud to introduce our newest product, Security Monitor Pro, designed for surveillance professionals.

Security Monitor Pro lets you monitor and record from multiple cameras simultaneously on a single PC. Each camera can have its own settings for motion detection and alerts.

Security Monitor Pro keeps all the capabilities of WebCam Monitor, like e-mail alerts and uploading its recordings to a server.  With the ability to record and monitor from several cameras at the same time, it's the ultimate weapon in your security arsenal.

Registered users of WebCam Monitor can upgrade to Security Monitor Pro at a discounted price.  Please contact us for information on upgrade pricing.

You can find much more at the Security Monitor Pro web page.

Project Desk: Web-Based Project and Task Management
Ask a manager about the perfect project management program, and you will probably hear about features like "Easy to learn," "No software to install," and "No need to involve the IT department." You get all that and much more with Project Desk by DeskShare. Because Project Desk is web-based, it can be used from any computer without installing any software. This gives the project manager tremendous power. If you want someone on your team, just send an invitation! Because there's no software to install, you can easily create teams that cross departments, or include employees of a different company in your project.

Project Desk lets you assign and track tasks, share files, and create sophisticated reports. You can create an account, invite your team members, and be working (instead of learning the project management tools) within minutes. Project Desk is perfect for any size organization, from garage start-ups to enterprises with hundreds of employees.

An account for up to four users is completely freeSign up for Project Desk today!

Host Your Videos on Video Desk and Send Multimedia Mail
You've recorded a song with your band, or shot a great home movie of your brother belly-flopping into the pool.  Now you want to share it with your friends and family.  Video Desk's Video Email feature  makes it easy.  Just upload the Windows Media file to the server, then click on the Video Email link.  Pick the file from the list, and click Send.  It's that simple.

Click here to sign up for your free video hosting account on Video Desk.

If your content isn't in Windows Media format, you can easily convert it and upload it to Video Desk using our Video Caster.  Video Caster is a wizard-based program that captures video from a camera or converts files to Windows Media format and then automatically uploads them to a server.  It's free of charge, so download Video Caster today.

Learning Circuits Publishes "Lights!  Camera!  Learning!"
Learning Circuits is the online e-learning magazine of the American Society For Training And Development.  Lights! Camera! Learning! is all about using video for training, with DeskShare's Video Edit Magic.


Product of the Month

My Screen Recorder Pro
My Screen Recorder Pro captures your PC desktop activity into standard AVI files.  It records anything you see on the computer screen: the entire desktop, windows, menus, mouse cursors—even video with sound.  The ability to play back a recording of what happened on the screen helps you to communicate your ideas clearly and quickly. The video files can be used to demonstrate products or web sites, create presentations, make voiceover tutorials, and many other purposes

Featured Article: Creating screen recordings for web streaming

Making a demo by capturing your screen activity is the first step towards communicating with your audience. Making these presentations easily accessible is the next step, perhaps as important as making the demo itself.

With My Screen Recorder Pro, you can make great screen recordings and distribute them in a variety of ways.  One unique way is to prepare your screen recordings for distribution on the Internet.

Want to read more?  Click here.

Special Offer

Beginners Web Video Bundle - Buy Video Edit Magic Express and Auto FTP Manager together and save $15!

For many people, the whole purpose of the Internet is sharing—social networking, not just computer networking.  One thing we love to do is create videos and share them with  our friends, or our partners, or even the entire world.

The Beginners Web Video Bundle is the perfect start for a budding video genius.  Video Edit Magic Express makes it easy to learn video production.  A person with no experience can start from scratch and be creating polished videos with musical scores and special effects minutes later.

Once you've created your masterpiece, it's time to share it.  With Auto FTP Manager, it's a breeze to upload your video creations (or any other files) to any FTP server.  Combining a powerful File Manager for manual transfers with automation features like a scheduler, Action Rules, and the ability to record and repeat the steps you perform, Auto FTP Manager gives you total control over file transfers.

With unparalleled ease of use and simplicity combined with tremendous capabilities, the Beginner's Web Video Bundle can't be beat for anyone starting out with web video. Try it today!


Best of DeskShare Support

Video Edit Magic

Torweb's Question:
I just purchased a copy of Video Edit Magic and was wondering if it's possible to take a title and move it across the screen....slowly from right to left and etc. I'm fairly familiar with video editing (media 100, avid, etc).

It is possible to create a moving text effect. To do so, you would not use the built-in "Add Text" tool in Video Edit Magic's Edit menu. Instead, you would create the text as a bitmap file, such as a GIF or JPEG. Create the text against a solid black background. Add the picture file to the Media Collection. Let's call it "title.jpg". Now, add title.jpg to the Timeline in Video Track 2, and adjust its duration so that it remains on the screen as long as you want the title to display. From the Effects tab, add the Animated Transform effect to the Effect track for Video Track 2. Set the number of rotations to 0. Click the "Set end position to be the same as start position" checkbox, so the two bounding rectangles are the same size. Drag the two rectangles to the start and end points of the motion you want the text to make. Click "OK".

Read the rest of the answer here.


Shaweetareek's Question:
If I have already created a video file via using My Screen Recorder Pro and saved it, and if I want to extend the recording and add on to that existing video file, is there any way of doing that?

You can add on to the end of a recording by using the Join command. Just record a new movie, then click the Tools menu and select Join. For more information, you can read our article on Using the Split and Join commands.

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