August, 2007

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Another thrill-packed month here at DeskShare, as we announce an exciting new video editor, Auto Movie Creator, and a major update to Auto FTP Manager, the leader in automated file transfers.

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DeskShare News
       Auto Movie Creator takes all the hassle out of video editing

       Auto FTP Manager gets even more powerful,
       and even more convenient

       Come meet the DeskShare team!

DeskShare Product of the Month: WebCam Monitor

Featured Article:  Video Streaming Technology

Special Offer:  Web Designers Bundle

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DeskShare News

Auto Movie Creator: Video Editing With All Of The Fun And None Of The Work!

It's the new millennium, and people are thinking and communicating in motion and sound.  Whether it's footage of your kids playing in the wading pool, your rec league hockey game, or your garage band's music video, you want to let everyone see and hear it the way you did: in motion.

With Auto Movie Creator makes creating video just that: creative.  You don't need to know the technical details or be an expert on electronics, audio, or computers to make a breathtaking movie.  The program handles the technical parts—you supply the vision.

You'll never have to stop and try to figure out what's next. Auto Movie Creator turns making a movie into a simple, step-by-step process. The built-in Assistant Director will be with you all the way, advising you on technical issues and offering suggestions.  If you don't want his help, you can tell him to go away—you're the Director, after all.


We've worked hard to eliminate all the frustrating and boring parts of the video-making process.  Automated scene detection can save you hours by automatically dividing video footage into clips.  There is no more need for you to spend hours squinting at the screen, carefully clipping the movie whenever the shot changes.  It's all reduced to a mouse click or two.

Registered owners of Video Edit Magic Express can upgrade to Auto Movie Creator at a discounted price.  Please contact us for pricing details.

Come learn more and try an evaluation copy of Auto Movie Creator at DeskShare's web site.

Auto FTP Manager 4.0: Even More Power

Auto FTP Manager was already a feature-packed industry leader in the field of file transfer.  Then we made it even better.

The new 4.0 release adds queuing to the File Manager.  The new queuing capability lets you select individual files and folders from anywhere on the server (or your system), and add them to a queue, to be transferred in one batch.  No more "start a transfer, wait for it to end, start another, wait ..." for you!  The queue also makes it easy to follow the progress of large, multi-file transfers while they happen.  Use the queue to manage the transfer process, changing the order the files will be transferred in, or cancelling the transfer of individual files.

Additionally, we've upgraded  Auto FTP Manager's Filters.  Now you can select files to transfer using advanced pattern matching.  It's the work of seconds to upload or download "Every file that starts with MAY and ends with ".doc".  We've also streamlined and improved the date filters.

And for all you tech-heads, Auto FTP Manager can now be started and controlled from the command line.  You can run any Automated Transfer Profile with a single command, or one line in a script.

Learn more and download a free evaluation copy of Auto FTP Manager at its web page.

Product of the Month

WebCam Monitor

WebCam Monitor detects motion or noise and alerts you by e-mail or audible alarm.  Connect your webcam or IP camera, complete a wizard, and be protected.  The system can record audio and video, or take snapshots, to use as evidence.  Schedule the program's start and stop times to meet your needs.  All recordings and snaps can be uploaded to a server for security.

Webcam Monitor turns your PC into a sophisticated surveillance system.

Featured Article: Streaming Technology

Streaming technology allows you to transmit audio, video and other multimedia over the Internet.  Streaming media services such as Video Desk deliver audio and video without making the viewer wait tediously to download files.  As your computer plays the media file, it continues to download and buffer additional content from the streaming server.  Playing and downloading happen at the same time.  This process is almost invisible to the viewer except for a short period of initial buffering.

Want to read more?  Click here.

Special Offer

Web Designer's Bundle
Buy Site Translator and Auto FTP Manager together and save $20!

The World Wide Web used to be mostly in English.  Now, every day more and more people who speak other languages sign on.  If you want your site to have a global audience, you'll need to meet the rest of the world halfway.

With the Web Designer's Bundle, you can translate all the pages that make up your web site, and update them on your actual site, automatically according to a schedule.  As we explain in this article, once you have your system in place, your site will be updated without any more work from you.

Talk to more of the world.  Try the Web Designer's Bundle today.


My Screen Recorder—Recording Sound From An Application Under Windows Vista

mydan's Question:
On my Vista PC, when I select "Record from speakers," the program does not find any devices.

The Recording devices field is empty and clicking next displays the message "Audio device is not available."

Recording from Mic is fine.

Windows Vista changed the way that sound is played and recorded. This required the makers of sound equipment to write new drivers.

Many of the first generation Vista sound drivers did not allow recording from the "Wave Out" (speaker) device. Makers of sound chips are now releasing new drivers that restore this capability. Please try these steps to activate the necessary device to re-enable recording from speakers:

Read the rest of the answer here.


antoinette's Question:
How do I cut two seconds of video? The slider handles are too wide to use for 2 seconds of video. Is there an alternate way to cut that short a time?


To make it easier to select short durations, use the Zoom control. In the bottom left corner of the Video Edit Magic window is a button that lets you select the Zoom level. Just click on this button and select "1 sec" and you'll find it easy to select a 2 second interval.

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