October, 2008

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Fans have told us, "We love Digital Media Converter, but we want to be able to convert even more media file formats, like Flash Video and RealVideo."  Now you can.  Digital Media Converter Pro adds support for over a dozen new video and audio formats. Powerful, easy-to-use CD and DVD ripping makes audio and video from discs as easy to work with as any other format.  While we were at it, we also made it faster and easier to use.

Our new program, Text Speaker. will read you any Microsoft Word, HTML, or text document in a clear, human-sounding voice, or turn it into MP3 audio. You can use Text Speaker to create phone menus, movie listings, narration for your tutorials and videos, and much more.

We've also released Security Monitor Pro version 3.  We have added support for dozens of new IP cameras that you requested, improved the startup speed, and strengthened support for USB cameras.

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      DeskShare News:

Digital Media Converter Pro:
The ultimate media file converter!

Text Speaker:
Advanced text-to-speech application reads documents, or converts them to MP3 audio files.

Security Monitor Pro
Professional video surveillance software with support for multiple IP cameras.

DeskShare Service Spotlight: Video Desk

Featured Article:
Email Responder: Designing Effective Email Templates

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Sign up for Video Desk, get Auto Movie Creator at 50% Off!

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DeskShare News

Digital Media Converter Pro: The most media formats and  top conversion speed

With support for many popular audio and video file formats, Digital Media Converter became the industry leader in file conversion.  Its clear user interface and batch processing made file format conversions easy. Now Digital Media Converter Pro builds on this strong foundation, adding even more file formats and improved speed.  It can convert between:  MP4, M4A, AAC, FLV, RealVideo, RealAudio, DVD, VCD, Audio CD, AVI, (DivX, MS MPEG4, uncompressed, etc), 3GPP, 3G2, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (PAL, NTSC), MPEG TS, MP3, MOV, WMA, WMV, DVR-MS, MKV, Ogg Vorbis, AMR, AC3, and WAV formats. Advanced hyperthreading technology takes full advantage of dual-core and quad-core processors, giving it blazing speed.

We've built in the ability to rip audio CDs and video DVDs. Rip the entire disc, or select the chapters or songs you want. DVD video can include any audio track you choose, including different languages or the the director's commentary track.  Convert from widescreen to letterbox, or keep the original aspect ratio.  Convert between PAL (European) and NTSC (US) video standards effortlessly.  You can't beat the combination of power and simplicity in Digital Media Converter Pro.

You can read more about Digital Media Converter Pro and get a free, fully-functional trial version, here.

Text Speaker: Turn text documents into MP3 audio, or read them aloud on your PC

Give your computer a voice!  Listen to documents instead of reading them.  There are so many ways to use Text speaker:

  • Teaching And Learning: Text Speaker can read stories, textbooks, and any other document aloud, while highlighting each word as it is spoken.  It's a perfect way to teach reading, and a perfect way to learn to read and pronounce words in another language.  DeskShare distributes voices that speak many languages and in different accents, which makes the program even more useful for education.
  • Proofread Documents: The best way to catch common errors like double-words ('the the") is to hear them spoken aloud.
  • Scripts: Whether you are creating a voice menu system, narration for a tutorial, or a voice-over for a video, you need to turn a script into spoken words.  With Text Speaker, you avoid the expense and delay of finding a human to read your script, recording, and then editing the recorded audio.  If there are any changes to the script later, instead of hunting down the voice talent to re-record, just click on "Convert to Audio File"!
  • MP3 Audio: Converting any document to audio is as simple as right-clicking on it. If you have a document to read, convert it to MP3 format with only a couple of clicks, then listen to it anywhere—your car, the train, or while exercising.
  • Help For People Who Have Difficulty Reading:  For people with reading problems, whether they have visual problems, dyslexia, or for any other reason have trouble reading large amounts of text, Text Speaker eliminates this problem by turning written words into spoken ones.
Text Speaker can add background music during conversion. It works with many free voices, or you can use high-quality professional voices. When you purchase the program, you automatically receive two AT&T Natural Voices, Mike and Crystal, a $50 value by themselves!

Text Speaker makes text-to-speech easy to use and affordable. Once you've used it, you'll wonder how you ever did without.  Download a free trial now!

Security Monitor Pro: Create a complete surveillance system using multiple cameras in minutes

Nothing is more important than feeling safe. Use Security Monitor Pro to protect your family or your business.  A single PC controls up to 8 IP cameras, plus any attached USB or FireWire cameras, and analog cameras connected using a TV-In card. The software can simultaneously monitor, detect motion, record audio and video, and broadcast live video from all the cameras at once! Upload recordings to a server for remote viewing or secure storage.  Security Monitor Pro has customizable Alerts including sending email or mobile phone messages, recording, taking photos, and sounding an audible alarm.  Features like a complete Event Log and time-stamping are designed to make recordings easy to use for evidence.

Each camera is configured independently, giving you the maximum flexibility and control. You can even assign each camera its own schedule, starting and stopping monitoring at the same time each day, a different schedule for every day of the week, or unique times for special events. 

Security Monitor Pro: the ultimate weapon in your security arsenal.

Buy Security Monitor Pro today!

Service Spotlight

Video Desk

Video Desk is a video and audio hosting service designed for non-experts. Using the simple web interface, or our free Windows software, Video Caster, you upload your Flash Video or Windows Media files to our server. We supply you with the necessary HTML code to embed your media file into your web page, blog, LiveJournal, Facebook page, or any other use you can imagine. Video Desk includes built-in video email. Share your movies with anyone, anywhere in the world, with just a few clicks!

Now, you don't even have to worry about video and audio file formats.  Just upload files in AVI, MP3, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, or one of many other formats.  Our server will automatically convert your media into Flash Video (FLV) format, ready to be served to your friends, family, or customers.  Flash Video is extremely widely supported. Users of Macs, PCs, and Linux computers as well as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, or Safari can all watch your video without having to install a special player.  

We've totally redesigned Video Desk.  It gives you more flexibility and control than other video services.  We place no limits on the length or the resolution of the video.   Choose details about how the video player will look and behave using a simple, wizard-like interface without needing to know any HTML or programming.

Check out our new Showcase to see what you can do now!  Sign up for a free account today.

Featured Article—Email Responder: Designing Effective Email Templates

One way Email Responder speeds up the process of answering email is the use of Templates, pre-written answers to commonly-asked questions. Instead of typing a completely new reply to each message, Templates let you quickly create accurate responses to common questions.

Using Templates makes responding to customers faster and more accurate, and gives the customer a better experience by personalizing answers.  Proper Template design can make your job even easier.

This article will explain some ways you can create effective Email Templates.

Want to read more?  Click here.

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Create and Share Video

SIgn Up For Video Desk and Get a 50% Discount on Auto Movie Creator

This month, as a special offer, everyone signing up for a premium Video Desk account will receive 50% off on the purchase of Auto Movie Creator.  Use Auto Movie Creator to make superb videos and slide shows, then share them with the world with the simplicity and power of Video Desk.

Best of DeskShare Support

WebCam Monitor: Remote host disconnected when sending email notifications

NoSeasCus's Question:
Do you think my Microsoft VX-3000 cam will work remotely? I connected it and was able to record and detect movement directly on the computer it was attached to. 

If it is possible to remotely use it, what would the JPEG Stream URL for it be? The mms://....... string? Or what would it be for Microsoft cams? Also, the IP address—I suppose I need to use my computer's public one, right? Thank you.

The Microsoft LifeCams are directly attached to computers. They are not IP cameras, and can only be seen directly from the computer they are plugged into.

Using WebCam Monitor, you can stream the video from your camera to other computers. In that case, yes, you would use the mms:// stream. The actual URL to use will be displayed in the program's Event Log when you start streaming.

If you would like to view your camera over the Internet, you may have to use Port Forwarding. The technique to do this is explained in our article, Configure Your Camera and Router for Internet Streaming.

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