Cut conversion times by up to 70 percent with Digital Media Converter Pro

If you're tired of video conversion software that leaves you waiting forever to make and burn copies of your favorite CDs and DVDs, you need a new solution.  Digital Media Converter Pro gives you the power to reduce lengthy conversion times by up to 70 percent while helping you achieve the highest-quality end result. 

Digital Media Converter Pro supports over 170 different file formats that play on over 70 different portable devices, allowing you the most flexibility in your conversions.  You can convert DVDs between both NTSC and PAL standards.  Produce high-quality DV-AVI files and even repair broken media files that would be otherwise unreadable. 

Digital Media Converter Pro also gives you power over the settings of your videos.  You can control the brightness, contrast and gamma of video files and adjust the audio volume.  You'll even be able to correct audio and video files that are out of sync. 

No program gives you more power over your conversions than Digital Media Converter Pro.  Try it today and see how you can enhance your audio and video conversions.