April, 2007 Issue

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DeskShare News
       WebCam Monitor 4.11 Released
       Video Caster Now Free Of Charge
       Video Desk Storage and Transfer Limits Expanded
       My Screen Recorder Pro Update
       Smart Computing Publishes Video Edit Magic Article

DeskShare Product of the Month: Auto FTP Manager
Special Offer:  All Media Bundle

The Best of DeskShare Support

Featured Article:  Automate Your FTP Tasks

DeskShare News

WebCam Monitor 4.11 Released
WebCam Monitor 4.11 adds a key new feature: masking for motion detection.  Now you can mark an area of the monitored video to be ignored when detecting motion.  For example, you can mask out an oscillating fan in a room so that it won't trigger motion detection alerts.

Another improvement in version 4.11 is the ability to disable logging, saving resources and improving system performance.  By default, WebCam Monitor creates an Event Log of every event that is triggered, and all activities (recording, uploading, and so forth), which can now be turned off.

We have also added support for even more IP cameras to WebCam Monitor.  You can find a current list of supported cameras in the article Selecting A Security Camera.

Video Caster Is Now Free
Video Caster is a free feature-packed video to web publishing program.  With it, you can capture video from your camera or import it from files, convert it into streaming format, and automatically publish it to an Internet server.  You can also convert your still pictures into a slide show, adding a musical score and transition effects to enthrall your audiences.

Now Video Caster is completely free!  Download it today!

Video Desk Storage and Transfer Limits Increased
Video Desk is an online service that lets anyone easily use streaming Web video without being a technical expert.  Every step of the process from uploading video to adding the HTML to your web page, or sending video e-mail, is automated. 

We're pleased to announce that all account levels (except the free account) have had their file storage and file transfer limits at least tripled—in some cases, the limits are five times higher!  Now you can store and stream even more video at the same low cost!  Video Desk and Video Caster are perfect partners—between the two of them, you can take raw video (either from a camera or a file), convert it to a streaming format, upload it to Video Desk, and publish it effortlessly.

My Screen Recorder Pro Update
An update to our flagship screen recording program, My Screen Recorder Pro, has been released.  The new version has greatly-improved support for recording under Windows Vista and several enhancements to the user interface.   What do you get by taking the best screen recorder and improving it even more?  Something really wonderful.

Smart Computing Publishes "Create Video And DVDs"
The June issue of Smart Computing magazine includes "Create Video and DVDs," which explains the process of video making start-to-finish, from camcorder footage to finished DVD or Internet-shared video, using DeskShare's Video Edit Magic.


Product of the Month

Auto FTP Manager by DeskShare
Auto FTP Manager is an all in one package for managing, scheduling and automating file transfers. Synchronize folders on your PC and a server, or keep an up-to-date mirror of your server on your hard drive (or vice versa!).  You can schedule transfers to happen regularly, at a time you select, and have the program record your actions to be played back later.  It's the ultimate tool for file transfer!

Featured Article: Automate your FTP tasks

To maintain a professional website, web masters and other site owners need to keep their web files updated and organized. Manually doing frequent FTP tasks can be a challenging prospect. Auto FTP Manager is a powerful FTP client software that allows you to establish a connection to any FTP server and automate file transfer procedures. Automated Transfer Profiles can be created in Auto FTP Manager to automate useful FTP tasks like uploads, synchronizations and cleanups without the need to initiate them manually.

Let us look at some of the things what Auto FTP Manager can do automatically do for you once you have created an Automated Transfer Profile, specified Action Rules and set a schedule.

Want to read more?  Click here.

Special Offer

All Media Bundle - Buy Video Edit Magic and Digital Media Converter together and save $20!

The world of video and audio can seem as if it has dozens of separate countries that won't talk to each other.  AVI video?  MP3 audio?  How about AIFF audio and QuickTime video, or DVR-MS video, or CD audio?  What if you want to create a video that can be viewed on a smartphone, and an iPod, and on an Internet video-sharing service, and on a DVD?

With the All Media Bundle, media file formats stop being barriers.  You can take video or audio in almost any format, convert it to a standard format, edit it with the powerful Video Edit Magic, and convert your masterpiece into everything from Microsoft Zune-compatible files to streaming videos by using Digital Media Converter.

Never let media formats be a barrier again.  Get total control with the All Media Bundle. 


Best of DeskShare Support

Digital Media Converter

Hogunr's Question:
I am going to be converting my DVR-MS files to another format so that I can burn them to DVD. Will MPEG 2 or DIVX AVI give me the better quality resolution? Most of the programs I record are being broadcast in HD so they are pretty high resolution. I know there will be some loss in quality, but am looking for the best option.

If you are making a DVD, the movies will end up as MPEG 2 files, because DVDs use that compression system.  Since a little bit of quality is lost every time you recompress video, it's best to go directly to MPEG 2 in as few steps as possible.


Dan's Question:
In the movie I'm working on I want to hide the bottom of the screen. I want to black out the bottom part, but I don't want to change the shape of the movie.  The bottom part of the screen should be blank, but still there.

You can hide a portion of the video screen by using the Picture in Picture Transition. Add the video to the Timeline in the Video 2 track. Make sure the Video 1 track is empty.  (Transitions will only work if at least one clip is in the Video 2 track.) Now add the Picture in Picture transition to the Timeline and stretch it for whatever duration you want. Set the Bounding Rectangle to the position you want to hide (the bottom of the screen). Check the Swap video tracks checkbox, and click OK. When you play the video, the part covered by the Bounding Box in the transition will appear black. What you see in that portion is actually the first video (picture-in-picture, covering the video from Track 2). Since there is no video on Track 1, it is treated as a black screen.

Read our article on applying the Picture in Picture transition.

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