November, 2007

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This month, learn how to manage task and projects with Project Desk.

Auto Movie Creator just keeps getting better.   Version 2, available now, is greatly improved. Sophisticated new text handling makes it easy to add professional-looking titles and credits to your movie.  Read on to see the other ways we've improved Auto Movie Creator.

We've added one of the most-requested new features to Security Monitor Pro.  And that's just the beginning.  Next month, we will release Email Responder, a groundbreaking email response management system that reduces the cost of customer service and increases customer satisfaction.

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DeskShare News

       Online Project Management:  Project Desk puts task and project management into
       high gear!

       Auto Movie Creator: Automated! Intelligent Movie Creation:  now even better!

       Security Monitor Pro:  Stream video and audio from multiple cameras,

       Come meet the DeskShare team!

DeskShare Product of the Month: Auto FTP Manager

Featured Article:
  Advanced Filtering with Auto FTP Manager

Special Offer:  All Media Bundle

The Best of DeskShare Support

DeskShare News

Project Desk: Web-Based Task and Project Management

In the 21'st Century, you need to be fast and flexible to survive.  Project teams must be created, organized, and led right now, so their tasks can be worked on immediately.

Move task and project management to Internet speeds.  Set up an account, add all your users, create your project and tasks.  Project Desk is a complete web-based project management system that can get you up to speed in minutes.

Use Project Desk and you're free of all geographical limits.  Anyone, anywhere can collaborate.

You get all the features you need to run project teams from 2 people to 100:
  • Task Tracking
  • Automated Emailing
  • Threaded Discussions
  • Document Sharing
  • Project Reports
  • To-Do Lists
  • Free Technical Support
A feature-limited 4-user account is completely free

Sign up for Project Desk today!

Auto Movie Creator 2.0

Auto Movie Creator was already incredibly easy to use.  With version 2.0, we've added more power and made it even simpler.

New and Enhanced Features:
  • Titles and Credits: Add text to your movie clips or still images.  New Title Templates produce attractive, text scenes with customizable fonts and text color, backgrounds and decorative graphics, in only a few seconds.
  • Widescreen video support:  Auto Movie Creator can now create movies in 16:9 format.
  • HD Video support:  Import high-resolution movies into Auto Movie Creator without losing any of their tremendous clarity and beauty.
Learn more about Auto Movie Creator here.

Security Monitor Pro 2.2

We listen to you!  You want to be able to view lots of cameras at the same time.  With Security Monitor Pro 2.2, we've improved multi-camera viewing two ways.

Now, you can preview up to four video streams simultaneously in one window.  If you have more cameras than you can preview, Security Monitor Pro will automatically cycle through all your cameras so you can keep an eye on all areas.

Want to view all your cameras when you're away?  Security Monitor Pro 2.2 can stream from one, some, or all of the connected cameras, simultaneously,while still recording and detecting motion on all of them.  This is the only program we know of that lets you stream video from multiple cameras at the same time.

Security Monitor Pro now supports even more IP cameras.  We've added all the cameras you've requested.  If your camera isn't already listed, please contact us.

See the complete list of features, buy a copy, or download a Security Monitor Pro evaluation version here.

Stop By And Say "Hi!"

We will be exhibiting at the NY Xpo For Business, November 27-28, 2007 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. 

Product of the Month

Auto FTP Manager

Whether you're keeping a web site up to date, keeping team members in sync, or backing up, you often need to move or  copy files from one place to another.  Manually dragging each file, every time can be time-consuming. Auto FTP Manager is powerful FTP client software that can connect to any FTP server, and transfer files automatically on a schedule. Automated Transfer Profiles in Auto FTP Manager  perform FTP tasks like uploading and  synchronizing or mirroring directories.

With advanced filtering, Action Rules, and sophisticated wildcard matching, Auto FTP Manager  can handle complex tasks without  human intervention.   It's the ultimate tool for file transfer!

Evaluate Auto FTP Manager

Featured Article: Advanced Filtering with Auto FTP Manager

Auto FTP Manager supplies unbeatable efficiency and simplicity in file transfer.  You can copy files from a server to your PC, or from your PC to the server, or have the program automatically synchronize the two so they're always identical.  Now with Auto FTP Manager's Advanced Filtering options, you get even more control over exactly which files are transferred.      

Filters can be set only for Automated Transfer Profiles.  While creating an automated profile, filters can be set from the Automated Transfer screen of the New Profile Wizard.  To open the filter window in an existing profile, right-click on the profile name and click on Edit Profile.  On the Edit Profile Properties window change to the Transfer tab and click the Configure button beside Filters.

Want to read more?  Click here.

Special Offer

All Media Bundle - Buy Video Edit Magic and Digital Media Converter together and save $20!

The world of video and audio can seem as if it has dozens of separate countries that won't talk to each other.  AVI video?  MP3 audio?  How about AIFF audio and QuickTime video, or DVR-MS video, or CD audio?  What if you want to create a video that can be viewed on a smartphone, and an iPod, and on an Internet video-sharing service, and on a DVD?

With the All Media Bundle, media file formats stop being barriers.  You can take video or audio in almost any format, convert it to a standard format, edit it with the powerful Video Edit Magic, and convert your masterpiece into everything from Microsoft Zune-compatible files to streaming videos by using Digital Media Converter.

Never let media formats be a barrier again.  Get total control with the All Media Bundle


The Best of DeskShare Support

Perfect  Video Capture with My Screen Recorder and My Screen Recorder Pro

Tip:  This works flawlessly for me capturing video and sound. The resulting video has fantastic picture quality and smooth as heck replay, with really GREAT file sizes! 

ARVALL is a My Screen Recorder customer.  Read the rest of his tip here.

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