April, 2008

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These are exciting times at DeskShare!  We're very proud to announce the release of Email Responder.  Email Responder's multi-user design makes it easy for a group to process email from one or more accounts.  This revolutionary program can totally change the way your business does customer service.

We're also proud of Auto Movie Creator version 3.0.  A combination of new features make it even easier for beginners to use, while giving it enough power for any expert.

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      DeskShare News:

Email Responder:  Intelligent Email Management Software for Customer Support and Marketing Teams

Auto Movie Creator: Powerful video editing with no learning curve

DeskShare Product of the Month: My Screen Recorder Pro

Featured Article:  Streamline Your Work With Auto Tasks

Special Offer: 
Surveillance In A Box With WebCam Monitor

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DeskShare News

Email Responder:  Respond to Customers Faster With Less Expense

Customer service is about  accurate, timely answers to email inquiries.  If your company is responding to many emails daily, through shared inbox account like support@ and sales@ your company, Email Responder helps by automatically routing email to the right person (or group), and by helping coordinate your response.

When mail is delivered, Email Responder analyzes it and automatically assigns it to the appropriate person or group. When answering, your customer service staff can use pre-written answer templates.  The program will even suggest which template is appropriate based on keywords found in the customer's message.  In many cases, you can reply to email with no typing at all: just select the appropriate template and click Send.

You get much more, including a complete customer history and a sophisticated reporting engine.  

We have been using Email Responder here at DeskShare, and it has made giving you, our customers, quick, accurate, and personal answers a matter of minutes instead of hours.

You can read more about Email Responder, and get a free, fully-functional trial version, here.

Auto Movie Creator:  Full-Featured Video Editing, No Technical Know-How Required

Auto Movie Creator version 3.0 lets you create movies in plain English.  No need to master technical terminology like "codec" and "sampling frequency."  Just click on "For PC Playback" to create high-quality movie files.  When you pick "Save for Portable Devices", the program generates a file that's perfect for your iPod, iPhone, Zune, BlackBerry, Treo, or almost any other portable video-playing device.  Select "Video Email" and a movie designed for mailing is created, then automatically attached to a message for you. Finally, if you share your masterpieces using YouTube, Video Desk, or another web service, Auto Movie Creator is perfect for you: it will create the movie in the exact format your service requires, and in many cases automatically upload it to your account. Just choose "Share on Web" and let us take care of all the details!

Version 3.0 also adds the capability to manually split video clips, and to join clips into a single piece.  The Titles/Credits feature has been greatly improved, making it far easier for you to add text effects to your movie.  There's much more. See the What's New page for a complete list.

Whether you're a total video beginner or an experienced hobbyist, you can't do without Auto Movie Creator.

Buy Auto Movie Creator today!

Product of the Month

My Screen Recorder Pro

With My Screen Recorder Pro, you can record everything that happens on your Windows screen, and save the recordings as AVI, WMV, or Flash movies.  You can even create self-running executables complete with chapters and menus.  Auto Tasks perform all conversion and uploading for you in the background, while you continue to work on something else.  With other features like timed recording, support for dual monitors, and a host of others, My Screen Recorder Pro is the perfect solution for creating tutorials and  presentations.

Featured Article—My Screen Recorder Pro: Streamline Your Work With Auto Tasks

If you use My Screen Recorder Pro regularly, you probably end up repeating the same actions over and over.  For instance, if your job includes making tutorials for computer software, your routine might be:

  1. Write the narration
  2. Record the tutorial
  3. Convert the tutorial to Windows Media format (WMV)
  4. Upload the new WMV file to your company's intranet server

Using Auto Tasks, you can simplify your job by making two of those steps completely automatic.  My Screen Recorder Pro can take care of the conversion and uploading steps for you, which leaves you more time and attention for the rest of your job.

Want to read more?  Click here.

Special Offer

Surveillance In A Box

WebCam Monitor + Wireless IP camera = Security

As an exclusive offer to our newsletter subscribers, we are offering a special surveillance package.  You can get both WebCam Monitor, the top home surveillance computer software in its class, and a TrendNet TV-IP400W camera for only $269.90, a $100 savings over buying each separately!

WebCam Monitor includes advanced features like motion detection, video recording, snapshots, email and mobile phone notification, and video streaming.  The TrendNet TV-IP400w can network either wirelessly or on an Ethernet network, and PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) control lets you reposition it from your PC using WebCam Monitor.

Take advantage of these amazing savings not available to the general public.
Surveillance In A Box

Best of DeskShare Support

Auto FTP Manager: Automatically exclude log folders from download

SteveC's Question:
We would like to automatically download sixty or so websites.  We understand roughly how your program works in that we can specify the root folder "/" to download files to our local hard drive.

We need to however exclude one folder from each website, namely the log folder as this is restricted and causes an error and stops the ftp program from running. We therefore would like to exclude all log folders, and as sites are added constantly we cannot really use the exclude feature as this would mean constantly have to add new profiles and specify which files were downloaded and with in excess of fifty websites this would be a pain to do daily.

If your log files follow a naming pattern, for instance ending in "*.log", you can exclude them from transfer using Filters. Edit the Automated Transfer Profile for each site, and switch to the Transfer tab. Click the Configure button for Filters. Check the checkbox for File Name, and choose to Exclude names "ending in" .log.

Of course, you can adapt this if your log files use a different naming convention.

Auto FTP Manager


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