My Screen Recorder Pro 4.15

Save Time and Streamline Your Work with Auto Publish

If you use My Screen Recorder Pro regularly, you probably end up repeating the same actions.  For instance, if your job includes making tutorials for computer software, your routine might be:

  • Write the narration
  • Record the tutorial
  • Convert to dimension 1280 x 720
  • Upload the new WMV file to your company’s intranet server

Now you can simplify your job by making two of those steps completely automatic.  My Screen Recorder Pro can take care of the conversion and uploading steps for you, which leaves you more time and attention for the rest of your job.  Every time you create a screen recording, the conversion and publishing to an FTP account is automatically performed.  Here are the steps:

To enable Automatic Publishing, click the Tools menu and select Auto Publish.

Figure 1

When you open Auto Publish, enable the option Publish my recording after it is created.  You will need to create an FTP profile with your connection details.  An FTP profile define how to connect to a server and into which folder to upload files. 

Figure 2

For creating a new FTP profile, specify the profile name and the FTP address of the server along with your login name and password.  If this FTP server doesn't require passwords to upload file, then check Anonymous login (and don't type a password).  After entering the details, it’s a good idea to click Test FTP Connection to make sure the username and password are correct.  You should only change the Port if you know the server uses a non-standard port for FTP connections.

If your network uses a SOCKS proxy server, you can enter the necessary configuration information here by clicking Configure Proxy Server.  Consult your network manager if you need to enter proxy information.

All screen recordings are saved in WMV format for viewing on your PC, because it offers excellent quality and the small file size.  If you need to publish your screen recordings and need to convert the video to a different format then check the option Convert media files to the following format.  The choices for the output format are AVI, MPEG4, WMV, and FLV.  You also have the option to change the video dimension during conversion.

If you check the Confirm before publishing checkbox, My screen Recorder Pro will display a confirmation message box every time you complete a screen recording.

auto task
Figure 3

With My Screen Recorder Pro’s Auto Publish, a few minutes of setup time can save you hours of repetitive work, by having the program automatically convert and publish screen recordings.

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