April 2009

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Text Speaker turns text on your screen into spoken words!  You can listen to your documents at your PC, or turn them into MP3 files to hear on any portable audio player.  We are proud to announce the release of Text Speaker version 3.0.  It now supports 5 languages.  The new Speak It Now feature lets you highlight text in any application and hear it by pressing a single hotkey.  Read on for more details about the new, improved Text Speaker.

Video Desk is DeskShare's video and audio hosting service.  Uploading video, converting it into the correct format, and creating the necessary HTML code are all controlled with a single click.  We have added text-to-speech capabilities to Video Desk.  Just upload a text document, and Video Desk automatically converts it into audio. Create a spoken introduction to your site or a tutorial!  We have also improved many other areas of Video Desk, including better playlist support, new animated audio buttons and much more. 

We have recently introduced a new support  and upgrade option.  Our new Priority Support plan includes much more than our standard email and support forums.  Purchase a Priority Support contract to get telephone support, priority access to our engineers and free updates for every DeskShare product you own for the life of your contract.

We have made many improvements to Email Responder and Digital Media Converter Pro.  We have also added support for more cameras to WebCam MonitorDownload the latest version today.

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Text Speaker 3.0
Now you can listen to any text by pressing a key.

Annual Priority Support
Free upgrades and the security of the DeskShare team behind you

Video Desk Keeps Improving
Add spoken audio to your site

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Reducing Video File Sizes

The Best of DeskShare Support

DeskShare News

Text Speaker Version 3.0 Released

Text Speaker makes text-to-speech easy to use and affordable.  We've added to its unbeatable combination of features:

  • Multi-Language Interface:  The entire Text Speaker interface can now be displayed in English, French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish.   When you switch interface languages, all menus, button labels, and messages are displayed in your selected language.  With the purchase of additional Professional Voices, Text Speaker can read aloud in any of these languages.
  • Speak it now hotkey: Select text in any program, press Ctrl+Alt+S, and Text Speaker will read the words aloud in a clear, human-sounding voice.
  • PDF Support:  Text Speaker can now open and save PDF files, along with Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), Rich Text (RTF) and Text (TXT) format documents.  No other software is required—you don't need either Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word to work with these files.

Give your computer a voice!  Download a free evaluation version of Text Speaker today.

Priority Support: The Fast Track To DeskShare Assistance

Time is money.  For critical tasks, when you need help you need it quickly.  DeskShare Priority Support gives you the quick answers you want.

For a single annual fee of $89, you receive Priority Support for every DeskShare product that you own.  The benefits include:

  • Free Upgrades:  For the life of your contract, all upgrades for all DeskShare products are free of charge.
  • Guaranteed Response Time:  We guarantee that a technician will call back within 2 hours if you call between 10:00 and 6:00, Monday through Friday (US Eastern Time).  Calls at other times will be responded to within the first 2 hours of the next business day.
  • Priority Response:  Requests from Priority Support subscribers will be answered before any questions from non-subscribers.
  • New Version Notification:  Priority Support customers will be notified of all new software releases.

Priority Support gives you confidence, because you know that DeskShare's skilled support team is standing behind you.  Sign up for Priority Support today.

Video Desk Adds Text-To-Speech, Improved Audio Support

Spoken audio makes your web site more compelling and your message more powerful. Using text-to-speech technology you can add audio narration to your web page effortlessly.  Just upload a document and Video Desk will automatically convert it into an audio file in a male or female voice.  You can add the spoken audio to your site in seconds.  Spoken audio can be anything from a sales talk on your web page to verbal instructions on how to perform a task. 

We have greatly upgraded the appearance and the performance of our audio buttons.  The new interactive buttons are more attractive and give users finer control of audio playback.  Try one out: visit www.videodesk.net and click the audio button in the top right-hand corner.

We have also streamlined and improved the process of sending your video and audio by email.  Share your videos with your friends, family, and business associates, without tying up your mail server or filling their mailboxes with big attachments.

Our team has worked hard to improve Video Desk, both the appearance and the way it works.   Register for a free trial account and I know you'll be impressed.

Product of the Month

Surveillance in A Box

Feel secure in minutes with Surveillance in a Box.  For only $269.90, you get both the industry-leading WebCam Monitor surveillance software, and a TRENDnet TV-IP400W, a color IP camera with remote pan and tilt capabilities.  It's an unbeatable value.   Using WebCam Monitor's wizard-based configuration, you can install the camera and set up alerts including a sound alarm, video recording, and email notifications in minutes.  The TV-IP400W can use either a wired or WiFi LAN, and produces sharp color images.  Buy both together and save $100 off the list price!

Reducing Video File Sizes

Size does matter. These three words ring especially true for video files. Video files are among the largest files there are on a PC. They fill up your hard disk, slow down your PC, get too big to copy to other computers. They can also be almost impossible to distribute over the Internet. Though the Internet bandwidth available is always increasing, and storage devices like large hard drives and DVDs become less expensive every year, a typical video continues to take up 'too much space'.

Today, there are a lots of video formats available. This article discusses three popular file formats, and some ways in which you can significantly reduce file sizes.

Want to read more?  Click here.

Best of DeskShare Support

Auto Movie Creator:  I need to trim my video files and change the audio volume

Susie's Question:
I need to do two things.

1. I need to remove small portions from the beginning and end of my video clips.

2. I need to remove the audio from clips.

To remove portions from the clips, use the Split feature, which is explained here:

You can turn off clip audio by lowering its volume to zero using the volume control, as explained here:



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