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October 22, 2008

Text Speaker: Text-To-Speech Software Gives Your Computer A Voice

Text Speaker reads documents aloud in natural, human-sounding voices, or converts them into MP3 or WAV format to listen to later.

Text Speaker is useful when learning to read.  Because the programs speech is so human-like, it is an excellent tool for education.  The speed at which it reads aloud can be increased or decreased to match the needs of any learner.  The word currently being spoken is highlighted, so a student learns to associate the appearance and the pronunciation.

It is extremely useful when learning foreign languages.  By reading text aloud in a native accent, it helps with learning to read the language and learning to pronounce it correctly.  Native voices are available in English (with a variety of accents), French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean.

Text Speaker is valuable to anyone who has difficulty reading, whether because of visual problems, dyslexia, or unfamiliarity with the language.

The application does more than just speaking aloud documents.  Its built-in word processing features make Text Speaker a perfect choice for proofreading and correcting documents.  Because it can open and save Microsoft Word documents (including Word 2007 DOCX files), it can edit documents on a computer that does not have a word processor installed.  Text speaker also reads and edits Rich Text (RTF), text, and HTML files.

Text Speaker is the perfect software to create telephone voice menus.  For example, a restaurant's telephone message can change every day to include the current specials.  By creating the telephone message directly in Text Speaker, a perfectly recorded MP3 voice message can be created.  The message updates can be easily done without the need for a human speaker.  The programs ability to add background music when converting text to audio gives a real professional touch.

Text Speaker works with many different voice publishers, including AT&T Natural Voices.  From now until January 2009, each copy of Text Speaker will include two professional quality AT&T voices, Mike and Crystal, a $ 50 USD value.  DeskShare also provides a large collection of free voices and a catalog of high quality professional voices.

Converting text into speech will help you in many ways, from reducing eyestrain to saving time and money.
A free trial version is available from DeskShare's web site:

Text Speaker is available directly from DeskShare, at a list price of $ 29.95 USD.

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