Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Trial version different from the Purchased version?

A Trial Version is available for all of our products and can be downloaded from our download page.  The free Trial version is a feature-limited version.  When you make a purchase, you will be emailed a Serial Number, which you can use to register and activate the trial version to the full version by removing all limitations.

How do I register the program?

To unlock all features of the program, you must enter the serial number that is sent to you when you purchase the software.  When you start a trial version of the program, a registration window will open.  For different programs, you may have to click on either Register or Enter Serial Number.  You then fill out a form giving your name and your serial number, and optionally the name of your organization.  Some programs also require you to enter your email address.  If the serial number that you enter is valid, the program then attempts to communicate with the activation server using the Internet.  Once the server confirms your activation, the program is unlocked and becomes the registered, full version.

How can I purchase a DeskShare product?

All DeskShare Products can be purchased online, Order by Phone or by mail.  Immediate software delivery is provided by download.  You may purchase a CD version for an extra $10 fee which includes shipping worldwide.  To get the CD version of the software, add eCD option while in the shopping cart when purchasing.

If you cannot make payment by credit card, you may mail us a check.  Please see details for ordering by postal mail.

Is there a user guide or manual available for this software?

Yes, each product comes with a comprehensive User Guide and an Interactive Tutorial You can also access these resources from within the software from under the Help menu.

Is Technical Support provided?

Yes, FREE technical support is provided for all registered users of our products.  If you have any queries, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact technical support.  You can also view our support forums and see some of our articles.

I want to upgrade to the latest version, do I need another Serial Number?

Upgrading your program is free within the same version number.  For instance, if you have the Version 4.01 of a Product and the latest version of the same product is 4.12 then it would be free for you to upgrade and use.  To upgrade your program, you can download the latest version.  After installing, if you see a purchase screen, enter your original Serial Number to activate to the full version.  You can check to see if the program is registered by selecting "Help" - "About" from the program menu.  It will display the registration status.

How do I find out about new software updates?

Subscribing to DeskShare News is the best way to find out about software updates.  It contains information about new products, version updates, tips, and articles.

I purchased the product, but I lost my serial number.  How can I register the product?

If you lost your registration key, please use our automated service to retrieve your registration information.

I would like to install the software on a PC that is not connected to the Internet.  How do I register and activate?

You can register and manually activate on a PC without an Internet connection.

How do I uninstall the software?

You can uninstall the program from the control panel.

1.  From the Start Menu, select Control Panel.

2.  Click the Add or Remove Programs icon.

3.  Select the program you wish to remove and click the Remove button.

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