About DeskShare

Since 2000, DeskShare has published innovative, easy-to-use products for the Windows platform.

DeskShare began by developing and marketing Web-based, subscription software services, including video sharing with www.videodesk.net.

In 2001, the company responded to the market demand for video editing software, and launched its first independent product, Video Edit Magic.  It quickly became a 'word of mouth wonder'.

Today, DeskShare markets the following products:

DeskShare is dedicated to creating powerful, affordable software to help you excel.  Every DeskShare product is designed to offer unique advantages.  Our software professionals work hard to make sure that each product is useful, stable, and user-friendly.  We listen to our customers, and provide fast and friendly support.  Our customer focus has helped satisfy everyone from home users to industry professionals.

DeskShare is a privately held corporation, located in Commack, New York.

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