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March 27, 2007

DeskShare's WebCam Monitor creates a complete video surveillance system in minutes.

With WebCam Monitor, home and business owners can combine a Windows PC and inexpensive cameras to create a security system with sophisticated high-end features.  Simply connect your webcam or IP camera, complete the setup wizard, and you are protected.  Monitor multiple IP cameras in the next room, or on the other side of town, using just a single PC.

When motion or noise triggers an alert on one of the monitored cameras, the program can send an e-mail alert, sound an alarm, and upload a video.  It can also send a message and snapshot to your mobile phone.  A simple-to-configure Scheduler allows you to set up the timings to monitor for motion or noise-just set it and forget it.  Feel secure that your video surveillance system is on guard when you want it to be.

Enhance security by automatically uploading video and audio recordings and snapshots to a server.  Recordings stored at a different location cannot be destroyed or stolen, as would be possible with traditional videotape recordings.

WebCam Monitor can capture images from any camera and upload a JPEG stream to a web site.  For instance, it can be used to record activity in a warehouse, or keep watch on your house while you're away.

Turn your PC into a sophisticated surveillance system with WebCam Monitor.

WebCam Monitor 4.0 includes dramatic improvements:

  • A new Auto Configuration Wizard provides one minute setup for common security scenarios.
  • Now supports major IP cameras manufacturers, including Avermedia, Aviosys, Axis, Canon, Creative Labs, D-Link, GadSpot, Linksys, Panasonic, Pheenet, Sony, Toshiba, and TrendNet.
  • A completely redesigned Scheduler allows complete control of program start and stop times.  A customized schedule can be created on a daily, weekly, or one-time basis.
  • Automatically find cameras on your network, and set up a new IP camera in seconds.
  • Manual Recording allows the user to maintain a continuous video record of events as they happen.  Automatically remove old recordings based on date or remaining drive space.

WebCam Monitor runs under Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

Priced at $ 49.95 USD, WebCam Monitor is available directly from

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