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Using logging to find out which files aren't transferred
Posted : Thursday, February 4, 2016 7:18:19 PM(UTC)
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I use Auto FTP Manager for scheduled file transfers. A few files are not getting transferred because they may be in use or for some other reason. Is there a way to quickly list which files are not transferred?
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Posted : Friday, February 5, 2016 12:34:50 AM(UTC)
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In Auto FTP Manager a log is generated whenever you perform a file transfer. With the help of logs you can easily find the files which are not transferred. You can choose to save the log that was created when a file transfer failure occurred.

To save the transfer log, click File >> Settings >> Transfer Log.


Select the 'Save transfer log when a failure occurs' option. The log can be saved to your PC, a network drive, or an FTP server. You can overwrite the transfer logs or maintain a history of logs by appending the current date and time. In addition, you can also send the log as an email.
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