1.Welcome - Active Web Reader
2.System Requirements
3.What's New?
5.Working with RSS Feeds
6.Working with Web Pages
7.Auto Discovery of Feeds
8.Using Tabbed Browsing
Tabbed Browsing Facility
Extra Tools
9.Upgrade Active Web Reader

Active Web Reader 2.49

Extra Tools

Block pop-ups

Active Web Reader is also a very good web browser.  It not only provides you with the functionality of book-marking web pages but also lets you browse web pages with ease.  Active Web Reader's tabbed interface makes navigation easy.  To navigate to any web page, you can also specify the URL into the Address Bar and click Go.

Many web pages open up other windows and pop-ups when they load.  Active Web Reader provides a built-in pop-up blocker.  With the pop-up blocker switched on, all new windows and pop-ups originating from a web page are blocked, making your web browsing experience more friendly.  By default, the pop-up blocker is switched on.  To turn this feature off, point to the Tools menu and clear the option Block Pop-ups.

Add to Feeds

Active Web Reader allows you to add a feed directly while you browse a page within the application.  Many times when you browse in the tabbed browser, you find feeds.  You can directly add those feeds in your feed list.  To add a feed:

  1. Right-click on URL of feed to be added and click Add to Feeds...
  2. Active Web Reader first validates feed using it's powerful feed validator and then shows a list of folders.
  3. Select the destination folder where you want to add feed.
  4. Click Ok to add feed in feed list.

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