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Active Web Reader 2.49

Some Common Terms Used in RSS


It is a source of news items.  RSS channel is a container for an arbitrary number of items of a similar type, meaning that they share the same potential metadata signature.  For Example, the BBC News feed of BBC is a channel.

News item

It is a single item of a channel.  Channel is a list of news items.  For example, OPEC - The Cartel Hikes Oil Prices is one of the news item of channel BBC News.  Each news item has a title, description and a link where you can find the detailed news.

Auto Update Frequency

It is the interval after which the Active Web Reader automatically updates the RSS feed.  Once you set the Auto Update frequency for the feed, Active Web Reader updates the feed after that period.

Auto Discovery

It is a mechanism by which the Active Web Reader automatically discovers feed when you browse web pages and presents a list of RSS feeds.

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