2.Adding Media Files
3.Working With Web Media
4.Converting Media Files
Start or Stop Conversions
Select Conversion Options
Extract Audio
5.Configure Media Files
6.Device Profiles
8.Application Settings

Digital Media Converter Pro 4.16

Digital Media Converter Pro: Starting and Stopping Conversions

Starting and Stopping Conversions

To begin the conversion process, you need to add files or add folders to the conversion list.

Starting Conversion

To start the conversion of the files, click on File >> Start Conversion or the Convert icon on the toolbar.  During the conversion process, the options such as adding more files or removing files from the list and changing conversion settings are disabled.

Stopping Conversion

As the conversion progresses through the conversion list, files are converted one by one. Converted files are automatically unchecked. To stop the conversion process, click on File >> Stop Conversion or the Stop icon on the toolbar. 

Note: The Stop Conversion option is visible when a conversion is in progress.

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Copyright © DeskShare Incorporated.  All rights reserved.