2.Understanding User Interface
3.Using Dictation Pro
4.Start Dictation and Voice commands
Select Commands
Move Commands
Delete Commands
Capitalization Commands
Caps characters, words, lines, paragraphs
All Caps
No Caps characters, words, lines, paragraphs
Backspace Commands
Cut Commands
Copy Commands
Paste Commands
Undoing and redoing actions
Formatting commands
Correcting Text
Multiple Occurrences
Dictating Special Characters
Dictating Number, Dates and Time
6.Keyboard Shortcuts
7.Troubleshooting tips

Dictation Pro 1.08

Starting to Dictate

As you speak, Dictation Pro will type the words in your document.  Before starting the dictation, make sure:

  1. The Microphone is connected and positioned correctly. 
  2. Voice Profile is created. 
  3. Correct document is opened and cursor is placed at the required position.

There are a few ways to Start Dictation:

Start Dictation icon on Toolbar toogles to Stop Dictation, once dictation is started.  While the dictation is in progress, Stop Dictation icon on Toolbar and application icon on Taskbar flashes continuously as shown below:

Stop Dictation icon on Toolbar

Application Icon on Taskbar


Tips for Dictating Text

Dictation Pro adapts to a wide range of speaking voices.  While dictating the text, speech need not be loud or slow but has to be in a natural tone.  To increase the speech recognition accuracy, make sure that you have gone through the training process.

Voice Commands

To make the dictation process easier and faster, Voice Commands are provided in Dictation Pro.  Voice commands help Dictation Pro perform an action rather than just recognize the spoken.  Instead of using the mouse to select or the keyboard, just speak the command and Dictation Pro executes it for you.  The following voice commands are provided:

Tips for increasing dictation accuracy

The most recently dictated text can be corrected with the  Correct that command.  The Correction Dialog can be used to train a word or a phrase that was incorrectly recognized.  Once the word or phrase is trained, the same errors are less likely to happen again.

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