2.Understanding User Interface
3.Screen Recording Options
4.Recording your PC Screen
5.Custom File Format
6.Application Settings
7.Helpful Tips
Record Media Players and Games
Enable Audio devices

My Screen Recorder 5.32

Recording Media Players and Games

Media players and games display very high motion graphics and can take up a lot of CPU resources.  This may result in blocky screen recordings.  A high-end computer is required to handle both the graphics and screen recordings.

You can smooth the screen recording significantly by:

  1. Selecting WMV Motion and Music (Medium Resolution) (by default) for your screen recording from Tools >> Settings >> File Format Options.  Every frame in the graphic will be properly recorded.  Also, you can select WMV Motion and Music (Very High Resolution).  However, at times recording at the maximum available frame rate may not provide smooth recordings.  Moreover, capturing at a high frame rate requires a lot of CPU resources. 
  2. Decreasing the area of the screen to be recorded.  If the software displays graphics in a window then use the Custom Region recording for that portion of the software.

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