2.Understanding User Interface
Menus and Tool Bar
3.Recording your PC Screen
4.Screen Recording Options
5.Automate your Recordings
6.Video Tools
7.Uploading and Distributing
8.Custom File Format
9.Application Settings
10.Helpful Tips

My Screen Recorder Pro 5.32

Main User Interface

The application interface is user-friendly and provides quick access to all the important functions.

These are the components in the application user interface:

  • The Menu Bar provides access to all the features of My Screen Recorder Pro. 
  • The most often-used controls have icons on the Toolbar for easy access. 
  • Folder Shortcuts refer to local folders on your PC.  The screen recordings are organized within the Folder Shortcuts. 
  • Screen recordings are saved as WMV, AVI, MP4 or WebM files and are displayed in the File List
  • Double click your screen recording in the Files List, and see it play in the Preview Window
  • Use the Play Slider to control the playback of your recordings and jump to any exact location in your video. 
  • The Preview Control allows you to manage the playback of your screen recordings.  You can Play/Pause, Stop, Rewind and Forward the recording.  Your recordings can be viewed in different magnifications by selecting the preview size.  You can also adjust the Audio Volume to the desired level. 
  • Duration shows the current time of the Play Slider, and also the total time of your screen recording. 
  • By default, the Preview size is set to Fit to Window.  When other Zoom options are selected, the scroll bars can be used to view different portions of your recording. 

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