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WebCam Monitor 6.28

What's New in WebCam Monitor?

Version 6.2

  • Better Stability: Efficient CPU and memory utilization provides faster application response.
  • Secure Access: Lock the settings with a password so others can only watch the camera preview and view the motion events.  Prevents users from stopping monitoring, alerts or closing application. 
  • Improved Email Component: Now automatically detect prototcols that provide communication security over network. 
  • Quick Status Preview: View at a glance whether a camera is broadcasting, uploading, monitoring, or recording. 
  • Improved Test Connection Funtionality: Verify different possibilities of connection to FTP server and auto correct settings. 
  • Auto-retry Uploading: Continue uploading of files to FTP server even after a network glitch. 
  • Organized Event log:  View the error events that occur for each camera.  You can choose to view all events or only error events for selected camera. 

Version 6.1

  • Multi-Language Interface: The application interface can now be displayed in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. 
  • Windows 10 compatibility: WebCam Monitor fully supports the Windows 10 Operating System. 
  • Prevent false alarms: New motion controls allow you to adjust when an alert should be triggered. 
  • Now you can specify seconds time format to start actions: Quickly start the actions such as Video Recording, Take Photo, Email Notifications or FTP Upload in seconds. 
  • Easily configure the audio settings for each camera: With the help of newly updated audio control, change the audio volume settings for each camera separately. 
  • Control the time between sending emails: During continuous motion, regulate the time between sending Email alerts. 
  • Automatic update notification: Review updates and easily install the latest version of WebCam Monitor as soon as it is released. 

Version 6.0

  • Support for Windows 8: WebCam Monitor is fully compatible with Windows 8 in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. 
  • All-new design: The new look of WebCam Monitor is more user friendly, simplified and easy-to-customize. 
  • Multi-Monitor support: Camera previews can be detached from the main interface. Arrange the camera previews on any monitor on your system allowing you to work with other applications while keeping an eye on your surveillance. 
  • Auto-detect WebCam: Auto-discovers a webcam when plugged in to your PC and provides options for configuration. 
  • Active Message Bar: View a running status of all camera actions. 
  • Powerful E-mail control: Each camera can send alerts to a different e-mail address.  During continuous motion, you can now control the number of e-mails sent.  Get email notification when a camera is disconnected. 
  • Hidden Mode: Run the program in the background, hidden from normal users. 
  • Watermarks: Authenticate your video recordings and photos with custom watermarked logos and date and time stamps. 
  • Enhanced real-time notifications: Be informed when there is a network connection problem, when disk space is running low, a camera connection is lost, and more. 
  • Superior FTP: Every camera has it's own FTP settings to upload into specific folders or onto individual FTP servers.  Backup videos, photos or both.  Optionally remove the local files after upload. 
  • New FTP upload rules to rename photo files: Select upload rules to rename your photos like overwrite, append date-time or add a sequence number. 
  • Improved Event logging: View camera events for specific camera or all cameras. 
  • Easier navigation: Jump to the next or previous camera by clicking on the navigation buttons or selecting a camera from the thumbnail preview. 
  • Customize camera positions: Drag and drop the cameras within Thumbnail preview to adjust their positions. 
  • Theme support: Apply coordinated color themes of blue, black, or silver for a pleasing view.

Version 5.2

  • Windows 7 Support: WebCam Monitor has now been fully tested on Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit systems.  All of the features of WebCam Monitor have been confirmed to work correctly on computers using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. 

Version 5.1

  • Immediate Uploads: You can now choose to upload photos and video recordings as soon as they are created. 
  • Upload Speed Enhanced: FTP Uploads have been moved to their own process to increase speed. 

Version 5.0

  • Video Buffering: Maintains a continuous 1-minute buffer of video and audio information for a complete recording of the incident on alert. 
  • Automated Setup for Continuous Recording: Easily configure the program to record the cameras continuously. 

Version 4.3

  • Rotate Video: Correct the image captured from cameras mounted upside-down (for instance, on a ceiling) by rotating it to 180 degrees. 
  • Camera Manager: Add cameras and adjust its settings from a single, central location. 

Version 4.2

  • Support for Microsoft Vista: Setup a surveillance system using WebCam Monitor on 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Vista operating systems. 
  • Self-Explanatory Log Messages: The message that gets saved in the log for future reference are more precise and descriptive. 

Version 4.1

  • Masking an Area: Exclude an area where regular motion is expected from being monitored to reduce unwanted triggering of alerts. 
  • Disable Logging to Improve Performance: Set WebCam Monitor to not maintain a Log to save resources and improve performance. 

Version 4.0

  • Manual Recording: Start recording the cameras manually at any point in time. 
  • Advanced Scheduling: Automatically start and stop monitoring at any specified time. 

Version 3.7

  • Add Camera Wizard: Select video and audio devices, refresh devices, test IP cameras and automatically start the preview at one go. 
  • Auto Configuration Wizard: Configures WebCam Monitor for frequently used monitoring scenario that you select. 
  • Redesigned User Interface: The user interface has a redesigned toolbar to perform the most commonly used functions at the click of a button, there are new easy to use wizards and improved dialogue boxes.  All this makes it much simpler for the user to work with WebCam Monitor. 

Version 3.6

  • Launch Program Alert: This new alert lets you specify a program or script that you want to run when WebCam Monitor triggers all selected alerts. 
  • Test Connection: This small addition lets you quickly test the connection to the FTP server. 
  • Digital Zooming: You can now zoom in up to 200% of the original view from any video device. 
  • Adding Text to Recordings: Customized text can be added to all your images and video recordings. 
  • Viewing IP Address of Your Computer: You can check the private (internal) as well as public (external) IP address of your computer. 

Version 3.5

  • Improved Preview Performance: WebCam Monitor can now preview video and represent audio faster and smoother than before. 
  • Test E-mail Log: When you send a test e-mail, WebCam Monitor saves an E-mail log.  You can later view this log to diagnose e-mail related problems. 
  • Large Log Support: WebCam Monitor can now log huge amounts of messages with ease.  You can also view the number of log messages in the status bar. 
  • Enhanced User Interface: The enhanced user interface of WebCam Monitor is more intuitive and responsive.  You can now choose to change video and audio devices even when alerts are running. 
  • Motion Monitoring and Periodic Alert Types: You can now enable both types of alerts, Motion and Noise Monitoring and Periodic at the same time. 
  • Improved Device Scheduler: The Device Scheduler now handles cycling through multiple devices in a better way.  After configuring multiple devices, you can now switch between them even when the scheduler had not started the devices. 
  • Retain Camera Dimension: WebCam Monitor can now remember the video width and height that you specify from Camera Properties. 
  • Improved Options User Interface: The new Options user interface replaces the Monitor Settings user interface.  You can now access the different options available in WebCam Monitor with ease. 

Version 3.4

  • Enhanced Files View: You can now view different files generated by Alerts in a fast and simple way using an enhanced Files view.  This view also supports selecting specific types of files and deleting them at once.  You can also switch between five standard views. 
  • Enhanced Broadcasting: You do not have to Broadcasting explicitly to use this feature.  After starting the preview, simply Start Broadcasting to use the most frequently used setting.  You also have an option to start Broadcasting automatically at startup. 
  • Improved Monitor Settings: The improved layout of Monitor Settings makes it easy for you to quickly understand all available settings.  The settings dialog also displays brief text in many places. 

Version 3.3

  • Windows Media 9: The Video/Audio Recording alert supports Windows Media 9 resulting in very small recording file size.  By default, the recording format is WMV. 
  • Intuitive Quick Settings: The new design of Quick Settings pane makes it intuitive for you to schedule devices, select the type of monitoring and configuring alert in easy-to-follow steps. 
  • Simplified Device Selection: WebCam Monitor displays devices in boxes above the monitor window.  This makes it easy to view and change the current devices instantly. 
  • Enhanced Log Handling: Logs now save different log events to a tab delimited text file so that you can view them in Notepad or Microsoft® Excel®.  WebCam Monitor creates multiple logs when the number of log messages increases. 

Version 3.1

  • Time-Based Alerts: Alerts are now classified as the existing Motion/Noise Detection based and the new Time based.  This supplements the need of Alerts mainly functioning on Time and Motion/Noise detection.  This classification of Alerts makes it more easy to use and customize as per each individuals need. 

Version 2.4

  • Improved User Interface: An enhance user interface makes it very easy to understand and configure Alerts.  The Alerts window has been simplified with Quick Settings that lets you quickly configure all Alerts. 
  • E-mail Alerts: E-mail Notifications are now part of Alerts.  They can be configured and triggered like any other Alert making it easy to send e-mails. 
  • Simplified Monitor Settings: All monitoring related settings can now be accessed from a single dialog.  On the Monitor menu, click Settings to access all monitor settings. 

Version 2.2

  • Improved Motion Detection: A highly improved automatic motion detection algorithm makes it possible to reliably detect motion from a distance.  It reacts more accurately to environment changes. 
  • Enhanced E-mail Support: E-mails can now be sent to multiple recipients at the same time. 

Version 2.1

  • Device Scheduling: WebCam Monitor now supports multiple video and audio capture devices.  Device Scheduling lets you configure WebCam Monitor to cycle through all the devices while monitoring from them one at a time. 
  • E-mailing Notifications with JPEG Images for Motion or Noise Detection: E-mails can now contain a photo to keep you informed on motion and noise events.  The photo is attached and embedded with the body of the e-mail notification. 
  • Outgoing Server Support for E-mail Notification: WebCam Monitor now supports configuring an outgoing SMTP server with authentication. 
  • Remote Monitoring: Broadcasting: WebCam Monitor is able to stream video or audio live from the current video or audio capture device.  Users can connect to the computer to view the video or audio being broadcast, offering a unique Remote Monitoring advantage. 

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