Digital Media Converter Pro 4.18

Remove Commercials from Windows Media Center - WTV files

Watching your favorite TV show on your PC at your own convenient time has become so simple.  Windows Media Center allows you to record your favorite TV shows on your PC.  When recording TV show, the commercials are also captured.  Now you can easily get rid of these commercials and watch your TV show without them.

WTV files are large and take up a lot of disk space on your PC.  The portable devices and most of the media players including Windows Media Player refuse to play WTV files.  The WTV files can be converted to many popular formats which can play in all media players, I recommend WMV for its small file size.  Digital Media Converter Pro is one of the best video converters for WTV files which also can remove commercials.  The Folder Watcher feature in Digital Media Converter Pro in scans your Windows Media Center folder for new WTV files to process for conversion and remove commercials.  There are options of converting your WTV files to play on multimedia devices like Apple iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry Smartphone and many more.

To enable the Folder Watcher, click Tools >> Folder Watcher.

Specify the location of your Windows Media Center recorded folder so that Digital Media Converter Pro can monitor it for new WTV files.  You can also include subfolders to be monitored.  Next, set the time for the new files to be converted.  Choose an output format with the Change button.  As soon as Window Media Center record a TV show and save your WTV file, it is added for conversion at the scheduled time.  A Windows task launches the program at the scheduled time to perform the conversion.  After converting the WTV files, Digital Media Converter Pro automatically shuts down.

You can enable the option to Remove commercials from the recorded file.  Enabling this option during the conversion allows you to watch your TV shows without the commercials.  The complete process of watching the folder for new videos to convert and removing commercials is handled for you.  The program even allows you to save disk space by giving you the option to Delete original file after conversion is successfully completed.

Digital Media Converter Pro is an excellent tool that works with Windows Media Center to remove the commercials from your WTV files and convert them to different media formats.

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