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Posted : Tuesday, August 19, 2008 8:08:05 AM(UTC)
Is there a size limit for AVI files created in My Screen Recorder? Whenever I capture videos that go over 2 GB, the program splits the captured files into 2 GB segments. Does Screen Recorder Pro have this limitation as well, both in AVI files or WMV files?

DeskShare - Support  
Posted : Wednesday, August 20, 2008 12:56:15 PM(UTC)
The standard for AVI files limits their size to 2 gigabytes. For this reason, both My Screen Recorder and My Screen Recorder Pro will automatically start a new file when the current recording reaches a length of 1.9 gb. There is no limit on the size of WMV files, and in My Screen Recorder Pro you can join multiple 1.9 gb AVI files into a single WMV file of any length.

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