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Recording game action with game sounds and my narration
Posted : Monday, September 5, 2011 8:03:57 PM(UTC)
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I had it in mind to see if I could play "Call of Duty - Mw2" with My Screen Recorder and a Logitech headset. MSR does record the video with my voice narrating the action, but the game-generated sounds (which can be heard in the headphone part of the headset) do not get recorded -- except as a very tiny spillover from the headphones to the boom mic.

Is there a way to accept the game audio from the PC while playing the game as described above?
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Posted : Thursday, September 29, 2011 10:30:44 AM(UTC)
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On Windows Vista and Windows 7 PC's, My Screen Recorder can record from your speaker and your microphone simultaneously.

Use the Tune Audio wizard to select your recording devices. Check both Microphone and Speaker devices. In the speakers list, select 'Stereo Mix'. This may also be called 'What U Hear' or 'Wave Out Mix'.

Be careful not to have the microphone too close to the speakers or the speakers too loud so that you create a feedback loop.
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