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How to send a text message on motion detection
Posted : Friday, September 19, 2014 8:00:39 AM(UTC)
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Is there any way to send a text message on motion detection?
DeskShare - Support  
Posted : Tuesday, September 23, 2014 5:36:53 PM(UTC)
DeskShare - Support

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Yes, you can use the email function to send a message with an image. Set the actions in Security Monitor Pro to send email on motion detection. Set the email address to the SMS gateway for your phone. For example, for Verizon the email to SMS is 'phonenumber@vtext.com' and AT&T is 'phonenumber@mms.att.net'

Here is a current list of email to SMS gateways:
Carrier                    Region        Mail-to-SMS gateway
Aircel                     India         number@aircel.co.in
Airtel                     India         number@airtelap.com
Airtel                     India         number@airtelkk.com
Airfire Mobile             U.S.          number@sms.airfiremobile.com
Alaska Comm.               U.S.          number@msg.acsalaska.com
Aliant                     Canada        number@sms.wirefree.informe.ca
Alltel                     U.S.          number@mms.alltelwireless.com
Verizon Alltel             U.S.          number@message.Alltel.com
Altiria                    Spain         info@altiria.com
Ameritech                  U.S.          number@paging.acswireless.com
Andhra Pradesh AirTel      India         91number@airtelap.com
Andhra Pradesh Idea        India         number@ideacellular.net
Assurance Wireless         U.S.          number@vmobl.com
AT&T Mobility              U.S.          domestic-number@mms.att.net
AT&T Enterprise Paging     U.S.          number@page.att.net                   
Beeline (Russia)           Russia        number@sms.beemail.ru                   
Bell Mobility & Solo       Canada        number@txt.bell.ca or
BellSouth                  U.S.          number@bellS..cl
Bluegrass Cellular         U.S.          number@mms.myblueworks.com
Boost Mobile               U.S.          number@myboostmobile.com
Bouygues Telecom           France        number@mms.bouyguestelecom.fr                   
Box Internet Services      Switzerland   number@mms.boxis.net
SFR                        France        number@sfr.fr      
C Beyond                   U.S.          number@cbeyond.sprintpcs.com
Cellcom                    U.S.          number@cellcom.quiktxt.com                   
Cellular South             U.S.          number@cS.1.com                   
Centennial Wireless        U.S.          number@cwemail.com
Chariton Valley            U.S.          number@sms.cvalley.net                   
Chat Mobility              U.S.          number@mail.msgsender.com                   
Chennai Skycell            India         919840number@airtelchennai.com
Chennai RPG Cellular       India         9841number@rpgmail.net
China Mobile               China         number@139.com                   
Cincinnati Bell            U.S.          number@mms.gocbw.com (MMS)
Cingular (Postpaid)        U.S.          number@cingular.com
Claro                      Brazil        number@clarotorpedo.com.br
Claro                      Nicaragua     number@ideasclaro-ca.com
Claro                      Puerto Rico   number@vtexto.com
Cleartalk                  U.S.          number@sms.cleartalk.us
Claro                      Colombia      number@iclaro.com.co
Consumer Cellular          U.S.          number@cingularme.com
Cricket                    U.S.          number@mms.mycricket.com (MMS)
C Spire Wireless           U.S.          number@cspire1.com
Accessyou                  Hong Kong     number@messaging.accessyou.com
CSL                        Hong Kong     number@mgw.mmsc1.hkcsl.com
CTI Móvil (Now Claro)      Argentina     number@sms.ctimovil.com.ar
Delhi Airtel               India         919810number@airtelmail.com
Digicel (Dominica)         Dominica      no-area-codenumber@digitextdm.com
DTC                        U.S.          number@sms.advantagecell.net                   
E-Plus                     Germany       0number@smsmail.eplus.de
Edge Wireless              U.S.          number@sms.edgewireless.com
Element Mobile             U.S.          number@SMS.elementmobile.net
Emtel                      Mauritius     number@emtelworld.net      
Esendex                    UK            number@echoemail.net
Esendex                    Australia     number@echoemail.net
Esendex                    U.S.          number@echoemail.net
Esendex                    Spain         number@esendex.net
Fido                       Canada        number@sms.fido.ca
Firmensms                  Austria       0043number@subdomain.firmensms.at
General Communications     U.S.          number@mobile.gci.net
Globalstar (satellite)     International number@msg.globalstarusa.com
Globul                     Bulgaria      35989number@sms.globul.bg
Goa Airtel                 India         919890number@airtelmail.com
Goa Idea Cellular          India         number@ideacellular.net
Golden State Cellular      U.S.          number@gscsms.com
Greatcall                  U.S.          number@vtxt.com
Gujarat Idea Cellular      India         number@ideacellular.net
Gujarat Airtel             India         919898number@airtelmail.com
Gujarat Celforce           India         9825number@celforce.com
Guyana Telephone           Guyana        number@sms.cellinkgy.com
Haryana Airtel             India         919896number@airtelmail.com
Haryana Escotel            India         9812number@escotelmobile.com
Hawaiian Telcom            U.S.          number@hawaii.sprintpcs.com                   
HSL Mobile                 UK            number@sms.haysystems.com
Helio                      S. Korea      number@myhelio.com                   
Himachai Pradesh Airtel    India         919816number@airtelmail.com                   
ICE                        Costa Rica    number@sms.ice.cr
Iridium (satellite)        International number@msg.iridium.com
i wireless (T-Mobile)      U.S.          number.iws@iwspcs.net
i-wireless (Sprint PCS)    U.S.          number@iwirelesshometext.com
Kajeet                     U.S.          number@mobile.kajeet.net                   
Karnataka Airtel           India         919845number@airtelkk.com
Kerala Airtel              India         919895number@airtelkerala.com
Kerala Escotel             India         9847number@escotelmobile.com
Kolkata Airtel             India         919831number@airtelkol.com
Koodo Mobile               Canada        number@msg.telus.com
LongLines                  U.S.          number@text.longlines.com
Lynx Mobility              Canada        number@sms.lynxmobility.com
M1                         Singapore     number@m1.com.sg
Madhya Pradesh Airtel      India         919893number@airtelmail.com
Maharashtra Airtel         India         919890number@airtelmail.com
Maharashtra Idea           India         number@ideacellular.net
Más Móvil                  Panama        number@cwmovil.com
Mediaburst                 UK            number@sms.mediaburst.co.uk
Ncell                      Nepal         977number@sms.ncell.com.np
Meteor                     Ireland       number@mms.mymeteor.ie
MetroPCS                   U.S.          number@mymetropcs.com                   
Mobiltel                   Bulgaria      35988number@sms.mtel.net
Mobitel                    Sri Lanka     number@sms.mobitel.lk
Movistar                   Argentina     number@sms.movistar.net.ar
Movistar                   Colombia      number@movistar.com.co
Movistar                   Spain         0number@movistar.net
Movistar                   Spain         number@movimensaje.com.ar                   
Movistar                   Uruguay       95number@sms.movistar.com.uy                   
MTN                        S. Africa     number@sms.co.za
MTS Mobility               Canada        number@text.mtsmobility.com
Mumbai Airtel              India         919892number@airtelmail.com
My-Cool-SMS                UK            number@my-cool-sms.com
Nextech                    U.S.          number@sms.ntwls.net
Nextel                     Mexico        number@msgnextel.com.mx
Nextel                     Argentina     TwoWay.11number@nextel.net.ar
O2                         Germany       0number@o2online.de
OgVodafone                 Iceland       number@sms.is
Orange                     Netherlands   0number@sms.orange.nl
Orange                     UK            number@orange.net
Page Plus Cellular         U.S.          number@vzwpix.com (MMS)
Pioneer Cellular           U.S.          nine-digit-number@zsend.com                   
Personal                   Argentina     number@alertas.personal.com.ar
Plus                       Poland        +number@text.plusgsm.pl
Pocket Wireless            U.S.          number@sms.pocket.com                   
PC Telecom                 Canada        number@mobiletxt.ca                   
Punjab Airtel              India         919815number@airtelmail.com
Qwest Wireless             U.S.          number@qwestmp.com
Red Pocket Mobile          U.S.          number@mms.att.net (MMS)
Rogers Wireless            Canada        number@sms.rogers.com
SaskTel                    Canada        number@pcs.sasktelmobility.com
Setar Mobile               Aruba         number@mas.aw
Síminn                     Iceland       number@box.is
Simple Mobile              U.S.          number@smtext.com
Southernlinc               U.S.          number@page.S.ernlinc.com
South Central              U.S.          number@rinasms.com
Spikko                     Israel        number@SpikkoSMS.com
Sprint                     U.S.          number@pm.sprint.com
Straight Talk              U.S.          number@tmomail.net                  
Solavei                    U.S.          number@tmomail.net 
Sunrise Communications     Switzerland   number@gsm.sunrise.ch
Syringa Wireless           U.S.          number@rinasms.com                   
T-Mobile                   U.S.          number@tmomail.net
T-Mobile (Optus Zoo)       Australia     0number@optusmobile.com.au
T-Mobile                   Austria       number@sms.t-mobile.at
T-Mobile                   Croatia       number@sms.t-mobile.hr
T-Mobile                   Germany       number@t-mobile-sms.de
T-Mobile                   Netherlands   31number@gin.nl
Tamil Nadu Airtel          India         919894number@airtelmobile.com
Tamil Nadu Aircel          India         9842number@airsms.com
Tele2                      Sweden        0number@sms.tele2.se
Telecom New Zealand        New Zealand   number@etxt.co.nz
Teleflip                   U.S.          number@teleflip.com
Telstra Integrated         Australia     number@tim.telstra.com
All Australian             Australia     number@sms.itcompany.com.au
Telus Mobility             Canada        number@mms.telusmobility.com
TellusTalk                 Europe        number@esms.nu
Tigo (Formerly Ola)        Colombia      number@sms.tigo.com.co
TIM                        Italy         0number@timnet.com
Ting                       U.S.          number@message.ting.com
TracFone (prepaid)         U.S.          number@mmst5.tracfone.com
Telcel                     Mexico        number@itelcel.com
Unicel                     U.S.          number@utext.com
UniMóvil Corporation       UK            number@viawebsms.com
Union Wireless             U.S.          number@union-tel.com
US Cellular                U.S.          number@mms.uscc.net
USA Mobility               U.S.          number@usamobility.net
Uttar Pradesh West         India         9837number@escotelmobile.com
Verizon Wireless           U.S.          number@vzwpix.com
Viaero                     U.S.          number@mmsviaero.com
Vivo                       Brazil        number@torpedoemail.com.br
Virgin Mobile              Canada        number@vmobile.ca
Virgin Mobile              U.S.          number@vmpix.com
Virgin Mobile              UK            number@vxtras.com
Vodacom                    S. Africa     number@voda.co.za
Vodafone                   Czech Republic alias@vodafonemail.cz
Vodafone                   Germany       0number@vodafone-sms.de
Vodafone                   Italy         3**number@sms.vodafone.it                   
Vodafone                   Spain         0number@vodafone.es
Vodafone                   New Zealand   number@mtxt.co.nz
Voyager Mobile             U.S.          number@text.voyagermobile.com                   
West Central Wireless      U.S.          number@sms.wcc.net
Wind Mobile                Canada        number@txt.windmobile.ca
XIT Communications         U.S.          number@sms.xit.net
Polkomtel                  Poland        +48number@text.plusgsm.pl

Please update if you see one that needs a correction.
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