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WebCam Monitor keeps watch over your home, office, or any location.  It monitors for motion and triggers customizable Alerts that can record video and audio of the incident, notify you by e-mail, or sound an audible alarm.  It can also begin recording at pre-set intervals to maintain a record of events.  Your surveillance system is on guard 24 hours a day or you can use the powerful built-in Scheduler to activate and deactivate monitoring on a daily, weekly, or custom timetable.

WebCam Monitor can automatically upload recorded video, audio, and snapshots to a server.  Video can also be streamed live over the Internet, letting you monitor events from any computer with an Internet connection.  Professional security features include automatic time-stamping of recorded video and snapshots.  All monitored activity is displayed in an event log for quick reference.  The Auto Delete function lets you keep a "last number of days" set of recordings and snaps, without risking filling your hard disk and without having to manually track and delete files.

WebCam Monitor User Interface


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