License Plate Detector

Automatic Vehicle Recognition Add-on Feature for Security Monitor Pro

Platform: Microsoft Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / 2012 / 2008
License Plate Detector

License Plate Detector helps Security Monitor Pro to read vehicle license plate numbers in real time.  This is an add-on feature to Security Monitor Pro.  More than 65 countries are currently supported by License Plate Detector.  The most common option is to use License Plate Detector to monitor vehicles and maintain a log of detected license plate numbers.  This would be useful in parking lots and gated security entrances allowing the camera to capture license plate number which is then compared to database.  If a match is found, Security Monitor Pro can perform various actions such as video recording, capture photo, send an e-mail notification, upload recorded media files, turn on an audio alarm and launch a particular program.

If you manage a private parking area and know the license plate numbers that you would like to either allow entry or block entry then License Plate Detector will be useful.  When a license plate is detected then you can trigger an event to launch an application to open a gate at the same time.  If an unknown license plate number is detected, you can configure any type of event such as record a video, capture photo as the vehicles enter the community and receive an e-mail notification with a photo of license plate number.

License Plate Detector is able to automatically scan and log all license plate numbers that pass by your camera.  You can configure this surveillance software to turn on an audio alarm if an unauthorized vehicle is detected.  Every license plate number that is detected is saved in a CSV file with Date/time, Country and accuracy information.

License Plate Detector is an add-on to Security Monitor Pro and requires purchase of Security Monitor Pro.  There is a 7 day trial available for License Plate Detector.  You can activate this from Security Monitor Pro Help Menu >> Buy add-ons .

Features at a Glance:

Multi-Country License Plate Recognition
  • Recognizes license plates from more than 65 countries.
  • Monitor licenses of multiple countries at a time.

Trigger Monitoring Actions on License Plate Detection
  • Automatically captures the license plate in real time, compares it with the pre-defined list and then triggers an action you define.
  • Action can be triggered to start video recording, take photo, send an e-mail or SMS, FTP upload, raise alarm or launch a program.

Stop Unauthorized Vehicle
  • Allow only authorized vehicle to enter your property by passing the parameter to open the gate. 
  • The moment an unwelcome visitor drives past your security cameras, Security Monitor Pro will trigger an alert.

Save Detected License Plate Number
  • Each detected license plate number is stored along with additional information like date and time, country and accuracy level.
  • This database file is generated in CSV file format.

Highlight and Overlay License Plate Number
  • Show rectangles for the detected license plates on the live video stream.
  • Display the recognized number and the accuracy of the detected number.
License Plate Detector - Highlight license plate number with accuracy
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