Freehand Painter  0.93

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with Freehand Painter?

Freehand Painter is a digital painting software.  It allows you to sketch and paint on your PC.  You can create vector-based graphics for websites.  Create your own unique vector art.


Can I export my artwork as an image?

Freehand Painter uses standard .ISF(Ink serialized Format) format to save your artwork.  You export your artwork into standard image types.  Freehand Painter supports jpg, bmp, png, and gif formats.


Can I use colors other than those present in the color pallete?

You can create 100's of vibrant colors that suits your need.  Double click on a color and create custom color by adjusting its Hue, Saturation and Brightness.


How can a brush tool help me in drawing and painting?

With brush tool you can create stokes of different color.  You can also adjust the thickness and transparency of the color.


When to use Stroke eraser and point eraser?

You can use Stroke eraser to remove an entire stroke drawn.  Use Point Eraser when you want to remove part of the stroke.


How can I adjust brush size and its opacity?

To adjust the brush size, select a brush and either use a size slider or type a value in size box.  For adjusting color opacity, either use opacity slider or type value in opacity size box.


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