Video Edit Magic 4.47

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Video Edit Magic?

Video Edit Magic is one of the most comprehensive video-editing tools available to create home and professional videos.  It works with all popular video and audio file formats, and runs just as easily on a big, powerful machine, as it does on a laptop.  You can easily join, split, crop, trim, modify color, and merge your video and audio files.

Even with little or no experience in video editing it's easy to use its advanced video editing features.


Does Video Edit Magic Support QuickTime (MOV)?

Yes.  However, you will need to have QuickTime Player installed on your PC.  The recommended full installation of QuickTime is required to edit or make movies in QuickTime (MOV) format.  QuickTime's online or standalone installer can be obtained free from the


How many editing tracks does Video Edit Magic provide?

There are a total of 9 tracks: 2 Video, 2 Audio, 2 Effect, 2 Volume, and 1 Transition.


What sound editing capabilities does Video Edit Magic offer?

Video Edit Magic lets you replace the audio that was recorded along with a video file with any other audio.  You can also add background music.  A built-in recorder makes it easy to add voice-over narration to your movie.  The unique Volume Tracks let you control the sound level at each point in the movie.


What is the difference between Auto Movie Creator and your other video editing software, Video Edit Magic and Video Edit Magic Express?

Auto Movie Creator uses a Storyboard layout.  Video Edit Magic and Video Edit Magic Express use a Timeline.  See the Comparison Chart for a side-by-side analysis of all three.


Q.  I have edited a movie using Video Edit Magic, but the MPJ file can only be played on my own computer.  How can I save my movie so that other people can watch it?

The MPJ file is not a movie.  It is the Project file.  It contains information about the editing you have done.  To create a new movie, click File >> Make Movie to open the Make Movie Wizard.


How can I use video from a DVD with Video Edit Magic?

To edit video from a DVD, you must first copy the video to your hard disk.  On a video DVD, there is a folder named “VIDEO_TS”.  This contains at least one and possibly several files named VTS_##_#.VOB, where the “#” will be a number.  These files contain the audio and video.  Copy these files to a folder on your hard disk, then add them to the Media Collection in Video Edit Magic.  If the DVD has chapters, you may be required to convert the VOB files into AVI format to edit the video.  Video Edit Magic will automatically open a conversion wizard to assist you in doing so.


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