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Color Banding in WMV Files
Posted : Monday, August 13, 2007 2:07:40 PM(UTC)
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I just purchased My Screen Recorder Pro. I have noticed that when I capture as AVI I get some color banding where smooth color transitions in the window appear as distinct color bands in the AVI. They are noticable but acceptable. However, when I convert the files to WMV the color bands become much more extreme and the result looks very different from the original or the AVI. Areas which appeared as light gray with a slight purple cast become a dark purple in the WMV file. The result is not accpetable.

I am using the "Screen and Voice (High Quality)" profile which I think should provide the best conversion quality. I tried changing all the settings I could find related to video quality but nothing helped. Is there any way to get a WMV file which more accurately reproduces the color of the original or AVI?
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Posted : Tuesday, August 14, 2007 9:45:27 AM(UTC)
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The banding issue is probably the result of using too low a "color depth".

To change the color depth of your recording, open the Settings window, and switch to the Performance tab. In the Color quality while recording drop-down list, select 32.

You may have to increase the color depth of your Windows display settings as well. In Windows Vista, right-click on an empty part of the Desktop and choose Personalize, then click Display in the Control Panel/Personalization window. On the Monitor tab, open the Colors drop-down list and choose Highest.

In Windows XP, right-click on an empty part of the Desktop and choose Properties. Switch to the Settings tab. Set Color Quality to at least 32 bit.

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