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Capturing from analog / cctv cameras using a PCI or USB device
Posted : Saturday, May 14, 2011 4:34:22 AM(UTC)
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I'd like to use your software with analog cameras via 'some' type of input converter.

I found the 'hauppauge 188' pci card; is this type of device compatible, and further, might you be able to suggest an analog converter?

For just one camera, it seems everyone offers some new version of the USB 'grabbee', composite/s-video in, but I'm leary of this $20 input. Is there a product (or avenue you can suggest) you can recommend that would get a 540-line CCTV camera signal into the computer with good quality?

thanks in advance!
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Posted : Tuesday, May 17, 2011 11:26:49 AM(UTC)
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The Hauppauge PCI card should work in Security Monitor Pro, along with most of the BT878 chipset capture cards, make sure you are using the latest drivers.

You can also use a USB video grabber to capture from your CCTV camera, but I have not seen one that will work well with multiple cameras.

To get good quality capture from multiple cameras, I suggest using a video server. There is a full list of supported IP cameras on this page:

Look for the supported video servers from Grandtec, Axis, Pixord, Vivotec, and others.

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