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How often can I schedule a FTP transfer?
Posted : Wednesday, August 19, 2015 5:48:07 PM(UTC)
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How often can the scheduler send files to an ftp site?

Can the scheduler be setup so that once a file is placed in the directory, it is immediately uploaded? or does it have to wait for a scheduled time?

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Posted : Wednesday, August 19, 2015 9:57:33 PM(UTC)
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Auto FTP Manager will allow you to schedule a transfer to a FTP site as often as every minute.

Here are directions for uploading new files using a schedule with a custom interval of 1 minute.
1. Select File >> New Connection Profile >> Automated Transfer Profile>> Next

2. Select Source and destination

3. Set the Action Rules and Conflict Resolution.

Change to: If file is already present on {destination} then {Skip} when transferring from {source}.

4. Enter Profile name and click Finish

5. From the Connection Profile List view, select Automated Transfer then Right Click >> Create Schedule for Profile

6. From Automated Transfer Schedule Select "Custom Intervals" from the drop down


7. Change to: "Schedule this profile to run every 1 minute"

The Schedule will run every 1 minute and will transfer new files only.
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