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Delay in emails sent to exchange server addresses
Posted : Friday, September 30, 2022 2:10:06 AM(UTC)
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I don't have a problem but more of a question, the software is great btw but when a job completes it takes up to 5 minutes for the email notification to arrive through our exchange server.

I am using SMTP from Gmail with a Gmail account. When I do an email test though it, the test message arrives immediately. Just trying to find out why there is a time lag to my exchange email address and if there is a way to correct that.
Posted : Friday, September 30, 2022 7:56:48 AM(UTC)

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Auto FTP Manager sends emails messages immediately upon completion of the automated transfer.

Usually emails sent within the same domain are delivered the quickest, for example from your gmail account to another gmail account. When you send from gmail to an address on a Microsoft Exchange server there will be transmission delays depending on how busy the gmail and exchange server networks are.

To speed up the email reception, try using the SMTP address on your Microsoft Exchange directly. This should deliver to your email account faster. Alternatively, you can send the notifications to another address on Gmail.
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