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Need help recording desktop audio
Posted : Saturday, March 7, 2009 6:48:07 PM(UTC)
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I have My Screen Recorder Pro 2.67 and when I try to record my desktop, there is no audio. I've read that I have to use the Audio Tuning Wizard and make it so it records from my speakers instead of a mic, but it won't allow me. I'll show you a pic so you see what I mean. https://img9.imageshack.us/img9/5778/errorzgk.png

I know my video card isn't that terrible, since my computer can run Aero just fine, and every PC game I've played runs without problems, so why would the video (after saving) lag?

Any help for either of those issues would be appreciated.
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Posted : Tuesday, March 10, 2009 12:59:44 PM(UTC)
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You may need to change your Windows sound configuration in order to record from speakers.

In the System Tray, right-click on the speaker icon and choose Recording Devices. In the Sound window, right-click anywhere in the device list and select Show Disabled Devices. Now, check the list for devices named "Wave out mix" and "Stereo Mix". If either is marked "Disabled", right-click on it and enable the device, then click OK.

Now run My Screen Recorder Pro and the Audio Tuning Wizard again, and select either "Wave Out Mix" or "Stereo Mix" as your recording device. You should now be able to record sound from speakers

If neither the "Wave Out Mix" nor the "Stereo Mix" device appears in the list, you may need to update the audio drivers for your system.
Posted : Thursday, October 22, 2009 11:21:44 PM(UTC)
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This worked for me too.

I had the same problem and now all works fine. In order to make it work (the Audio tuning wizard didn't fix it) I simply recorded a video I was viewing on the screen first as an audio file. After that excercise (which caused me to do the audio tuning wizard again), everything got set accordingly and when I then recorded (the same video) the sound was there. For some reason recording as the audio only (wma) caused my settings to stick for the subsequent video recordings. I called a friend who had experienced the same difficulty and it now works for him too.

I believe that this tip will enable a lot of people who try and then give up on this trial, because of no sound, to now buy the product (I am paying for it immediately).
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