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How to transfer files overwriting only modified files
Posted : Monday, March 16, 2009 12:46:45 AM(UTC)
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Hi, I'm testing Auto FTP Manager, and it seems this is the software I needed. I just have some queries about the product.

1. I noticed that only files are being transferred to the remote site. Is it possible to copy folders and subfolders? If possible, pls. give me instructions.

2. I notice that when a file is copied to the remote site and then when the next schedule runs, all the files are being transferred again if I chose "overwrite always", the disadvantage is it will takes another time. When I chose "skip" this somehow resolve the issue, but if I modify existing file, the modified files aren't transfer to the remote site. What I want is this, if there are existing files on the remote site and I modify only one file, only the modified file will be overwritten and not all the files. Any help is very much appreciated.

thanks. -james
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Posted : Tuesday, March 17, 2009 1:32:36 PM(UTC)
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When you select a PC folder or FTP folder to transfer from, all the folders which are contained in it are transferred. For instance, if I upload from the PC folder "C:\Users\Joe\Documents\MyFiles", the folder "C:\Users\Joe\Documents\MyFiles\Logs" will be uploaded to the server.

You can use the recording feature to create an automated profile that copies any files or folders that you choose. The instructions are here:

Regarding your second question: to transfer only modified files, choose "Overwrite if date is newer". Only files that have been modified and new files will be uploaded
Posted : Thursday, March 19, 2009 5:06:52 AM(UTC)
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I am in a similar situation. My issue is as follows:

The instruction provided for recorded profiles works with specific files names only. We have files on an FTP server which are named according to current date. For example, "test.03192009.txt". So, the file name changes in daily basis. We would like to automate an ftp session so that we can download file according to current date (today's date).

Is it possible?

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Posted : Thursday, March 19, 2009 3:16:01 PM(UTC)
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To transfer all files whose names are test.* in an Automated Profile's Properties, on the Transfer Tab, click Filters >> File Name >> Include >> Files having names beginning with test.*.

Next, click Modification Date >> I would like to include files that have changed today, then OK.

This combination of filters will transfer all files whose names start with "test" and which have been created on the current date.
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