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AVI files to SVCD/VCD
Posted : Thursday, November 11, 2004 6:17:43 PM(UTC)
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I must say I love this program. I haven't found a program that lets you cut, copy & paste so easily, I tried Adobe Premiere, but it doesn't have this feature. I really like the program and I have edited a wonderful movie using it. I have a DVD quality AVI that I am editing from, and I would like to export it to MPEG 1 or MPEG 2 for SVCD or VCD, but I have one question:
Can I convert to DivX-4 or something like that without losing quality and disk space? And how would I do that? I tried converting to AVI uncompressed but it took 5Gb of space. So what can I do, please help, I have 12Gb of video I need to edit and convert.

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Posted : Tuesday, November 16, 2004 11:41:30 AM(UTC)
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Thank you for appreciating Video Edit Magic.

An uncompressed AVI is typically limited to 2GB. The uncompressed format also provides uncompromised quality. To create files greater than 2GB, you can make movie in DV AVI format. In the Make Movie wizard, select "Digital Video AVI" and click Next. Nero and other burning software directly make a VCD or SVCD from an AVI file. We recommend this approach if you desire best quality results and store them on CDs.

If you have DivX installed on your computer then you can select it as a video compressor. In the "AVI Properties" screen of the Make Movie wizard, select DivX from the video compressor box. You can also specify advanced properties of the codec. Another compressor that gives good quality is one of the Indeo video compressors. MPEG Layer-III is the best audio compressor.

You can also make movie in MPEG 1 and 2 (VCD, SVCD and DVD) using Video Edit Magic. In the Make Movie wizard, select "MPEG Formats" and click Next. You will now have options to make movie in all possible MPEG formats.
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