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I would like to reduce the size of a Gotomeeting recording
Posted : Wednesday, October 7, 2009 4:12:36 AM(UTC)
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I recorded an online webinar using Gotomeeting's recording function. I got a WMV file that was about 100 MB. My goal was to use DMC to shorten the video, tweak some settings and get a smaller file out for online streaming.

I cropped the 55 minute, 29 fps WMV to a 30 minute, 15 fps WMV. It did the crop and save, but the new file is STILL 100 MB. The audio and video quality are good enough for me and the only settings difference I can see is that the original audio is listed at 44 khz and the new is at 48 khz.

1) Why would the much shorter video be the same size? Is there a compression setting I am missing?

2) I would like to try making the resolution somewhat smaller - say, 1200x750 - to see if it's still watchable (it's a software demo and I can't go down to 640x480 or something because all detail would be lost). I cannot find a custom setting for resolution - everything appears to be pre-set and I can either do resolution "same as input" or kinda small. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help offered...
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Posted : Monday, October 19, 2009 6:30:19 AM(UTC)
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The size of Windows Media Video (WMV) files is controlled entirely by the bit rate and the compression codec (compressor) you select. You can create smaller files by doing one or both of these things:

1. Select a profile with a lower bit rate for audio and/or video than the original
2. Select a profile with a superior compressor for audio and/or video.

If you select one of the profiles in Digital Media Converter that are designed for online streaming, and pick a lower-bit rate profile, the final file will be smaller. For the greatest control and best compression and video quality, we suggest upgrading to Digital Media Converter Pro.
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